What's the standard Poser measurement unit?

  • I am asking elsewhere and looking , but I want to set up a User interface with Blender. Apparently, one standard Blender unit to one standard Poser unit is ginormous!

  • Formally, one Poser unit is 8.6 foot, so 8.6*0.3048 = 2.62 m approx.
    Many content developers, including those making the native figures find this too difficult and use 8 ft, so 2.44 m approx.
    This is how Pauline measured stands a towering 1.93 m.

  • Now the bonus question.... Why? Can anyone explain why they chose such a random unit? It doesn't gave a lot of impact on my daily work but it's always bugged me

  • Note: You can easily confirm for yourself that it's 8.6 foot (103.2 inches).
    Edit > General Preferences > Interface > Display > Units and set it to 'Poser native units'
    Go into the advanced tab of Poser's material room, select the GROUND prop (or any other), plug the texture map (or any node) into the 'Bump' of the PoserSurface.
    Change the value of the Bump setting to 1.0, so the bump of the ground prop is now set to 1 poser native unit.
    Edit > General Preferences > Interface > Display > Units and set it to 'Feet'
    Go to the Pose room and back to the advanced tab of the material room (I always find this is the easiest way to force the material room to update!). Note the value - it'll now be 8.6

    As for "why?" - no idea, other than perhaps "why not?". ;o)

    8ish feet seems about the height of a normal ceiling?

  • I have made some furniture props for poser in Rhino, and I always used the 8.6 feet (2621.28 mm) to scale them down before exporting as an obj. but I always thought the props were too small compaired with V4 and the native poser models.
    Considering the fact that the developers used 8 feet instead of 8.6, it suddenly makes sense to me why.

  • When I make something in Blender I export the object at 38.148%. When importing I leave it as is if I'm only modifying it and sending it back to Poser, but if I'm building something around it and want it scaled to Blender units I scale the whole thing up by 2.62137.

    As to the scale of figures, it's funny that the PICK room system is now included in Poser, but it uses real world dimensions (meaning M4 hits his head on door frames). I now scale everything to real world dimensions, including characters... it's not that hard (most props go to 91%) and figures get scaled during the 'character development' phase.

  • Here's a very interesting article on Poser measurement units and their history...


    As an aside, a Poser Native Unit is almost exactly the most common height of intermodal shipping containers...