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  • Hi, if I hoover over the colors with the color picker nothing happens.
    Each time I want to change the color of the light I have to go to the "open system color picker" and then choose a color.
    I don't get a preview and have to do all these steps again until I'm pleased with the color.
    Does someone know what is wrong here...
    Thanks in advance for your help...

  • The colour has never changed by hovering, you have always had to click on it. The tip of the eye dropper is just to identify the area you are sampling. There is no 'live update' as such because the scene changes the second you click on the colour palette.

  • BTW, this also means you can sample anything on your monitor for the colour you are after, including a photo on another monitor...

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    Correct piersyf

    The color does not update while hovering.

    It updates where the picker-point is when you click. (And that can be all over the place, including over reference material on another monitor.)

    I often search for RGB values in Google, and then click on that reference material, then correct the RGB values if required.

  • Thank you for reactions but I think I didn't explain myself very well.
    I took a screenshot to let you see what happens in this video on youtube (Poser Webinar: Lighting your 3D Scenes in Poser)
    As you can see he hovers over the color palette and instantly he get a preview of the color he is pointing at.

    Then he can click on the color he want's to have in his work.
    In my case it stay's black or white (no color).

    0_1470468453158_Schermafdruk 2016-08-06 09.22.13.png

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    This works for me if I either right click or left click on the light colour I get the changes in real time like on that video.


  • @mimi

    I remember having this problem some time ago... I don't know if this is related, but after the following Poser update (and an nvidia driver update, too), the problem disappeared. In the meantime, the only solution I had was to control-click the light's color indicator.
    Note that the same problem was happening in the Mat room.