Lines on figure

  • Hi, green guy here. Can anyone tell me how to create lines on a figure? I am a healthcare professional and need to show lines that run from pink/thumb to shoulder etc. How do I do this? Help much appreciated.

  • @poseitnow88 Not sure what you are asking. Maybe you could upload an image to illustrate what you want to do?

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    In Poser, you can not directly paint on the figures skin.

    What you "can" do.

    • Use an app that allows you to directly paint on the figures and re-safe the textures. => Blender can do that for you.

    • Duplicate the textures, and paint your lines directly on the duplicated textures (Photoshop or Gimp or Krita) and use those textures in the material room.

    • I think for your purpose, it is best to use Blender (or a similar app) so you can paint directly on the figure/model. Then resafe those repainted textures from Blender and use those on your figure in the material room.

    Let me know if you need a tutorial.