Doubts about the system requirements

  • Hello everyone. normally I'm using photoshop and SAI but I decided to try Clip Studio Paint. And I wonder if with 256MB of VRAM is enough or if I cause problems ?

    I've read all the minimum requirements . But I do not know if it is really necessary to buy a video card .

    I hope they can answer me please .

  • @DosNieves You can use it with that amount but obviously the more you have the better. That is the bare minimum you can run it with.

    How old is your system? I ask because most computers and laptops of the day will already have far more vram than that. If your system is a year or so old, chances are you have more vram than that.

  • @Teyon Than you for answering . And no, my computer is 2009. My fear is that it is looped or strokes on the tablet may not be displayed in real time on the screen.

  • Well keep in mind, at the lowest system requirements, depending on what else you have running while using the program you may experience some level of lag. It's hard to say, as resources vary from computer to computer.

  • Pretty sure it can't be worse than my old fujitsu t4220, and I do sketch on it sometimes. There are many brushes I can't use and I can't work at a big resolution, but it works fine.