Photo Editing: How to Replace Photoshop

  • I love the speed and reliability of Clip Studio. I think it is a very professional piece of software.

    I am looking, now, for ways to completely replace Photoshop in basically any way.

    I would love for anyone seeking to do the same to comment and post in this Topic.

  • My first feature issue is that I am trying to complete a "content-aware" fill as you can do in Photoshop. I have been searching all day and cannot seem to find the appropriate options if they exist at all.

    You can see an example of the this feature

    (on youtube).

    I would love someone to help me look into this.

  • I found an effective way to replace the Liquify" add-on to Photoshop which in essence allows you to smear an image around without blurring. You will use the Mesh Transformation tool and increase the number of vertices to your hearts content and drag the image around and stretch it out.

    The Dispersion effect is my current goal to do in Clip Studio. See an example below:

  • No content aware fill in Clip Studio . The usual alternative to suggest is that you use the Copy Stamp tool. But for the examples in the video it would be best to use the lasso to select a rough patch of the surrounding background then go to Selection>Blur ( set to something quite big .. e.g. 50 pixels )... Now CTRL-C and CTRL-V and you have a blurred edge patch on a layer above .. now just move the patch over the bit you want to obscure ( e.g. using the layer move tool or just using the keyboard arrow keys ) .

  • I don't now how to use Photoshop properly. but KrojamSoft PhotoViewerPro is great to view all images within a folder . You can organize and view/edit images. View images on a calendar etc.Try it out

  • @religtree421 My own approach for this would be to create a brush and match the colors and on the subject use transparent color give the disintegrating appearence

  • I'm trying to do the same, that is replace Photoshop with Clip Studio Paint.
    I had Photoshop CS6 on my computer but as my daughter is learning graphics with it at college I took it off my computer to put it on hers.

    So as I own this I was trying to see if it could do things Photoshop can do, thing is there are so many third parties which make filters, brushes and so on for it.

    A few tools I can not find so I bought a book and I'm trying to figure out things.

    It would be great if it did have features like content aware fill or they made a filter so it would but I think there will just be a few things CSP can not do.

  • While CSP shares many features as Photoshop, it isn't a photo editor. I can't see the need for content aware fill in an illustration program. There are some cheap programs out there that will do content aware fills that can fill the gap (terrible pun unintended) between CSP and Photoshop for photo editors. Inpaint by Teorex, for example.

    0_1477462314418_content aware.jpg

  • Doing the disperse effect in CSP isn't all that different from the example shown in the YouTube video above. Place the original image on the bottom layer. An image with the figure removed on a layer above (I used Inpaint to do that but you can use the clone stamp tool to get pieces of the background over the figure). Add a mask to hide this layer. Then make a selection of the figure and copy and paste onto two layers. You can stretch the figure out the way the guy in the video did or use the clone stamp or even color select from the figure and drop paint with a brush. Apply a mask and hide these layers. Then use a splatter brush to paint on the masks of each of those layers.


    I don't have a splatter brush with a splatter image brush tip so I used some splatter airbrushes but you get the idea..