What Laptops Run Manga Studio 5 The Best?

  • Although I'd like an answer to the general question provided--in case someone has the same question as I do, but with different necessities--I'd also like to hear suggestions for laptops that serve the same purpose, but fall under the following parameters: $500 --> (πŸ‘›minimumπŸ‘›) $800 --> (πŸ”₯maximumπŸ”₯) $900 --> (πŸ‘‘Limit BreakerπŸ‘‘) $1000 --> (☠Ultimate Limit Breaker☠).

  • The best ? Get the most RAM and the fastest CPU you can afford. I have a laptop with 8 GB RAM and a dual core CPU at 2.16 Ghz and CSP runs just fine.

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