Loose brushes and settings after reset.

  • Lately whenever I reset my PC, I loose all previous settings I had set up in Clip paint studio, and any brushes I had imported. Is there something in the settings I had triggered to wipe the memory every time my computer shuts down? any help would be appreciated.

  • What sort of PC, and what sort of reset? What are you doing?

  • If you want specifics it's running on a EVGA motherboard, I forget exactly which specifically. Windows 10 operating system, not sure what specifics would be significant. And it doesn't matter what kind of reset. From shut down to restart any time the computer shuts down and boots back up, when I check the program next all my preferences have been wiped. Though it does always start off with a new canvas, without requesting one.

  • It saves your brushes and settings when you quit Clip Studio. If you miss that out and just switch off your PC you miss that save stage and have to start again next time ( and often also get the page without asking at the start). Even saving images during your session does not save your settings...you have to exit properly.or you loose all the new settings you have made during that session.