Is it possible to manage a 200 pages long comic book?

  • Hi guys,
    I would like to know if it is possible to manage a 200 pages long comic book with page manager of Clip Studio Paint EX. I was wondering because in the trial version you can create a multipage file with only 100 pages...
    Thank you in advance.

  • Yes you can, I used to storyboard using Manga Studio. However I can't speak for how quickly those pages will open. I had relatively light lip files on a 200 page document and adding new pages would take 15 to 30 seconds to update. This might have changed since the switch from lip to clip (which are smaller). I don't use CSP to board anymore, so I haven't pushed it to its limit yet.

    My suggestion would be to break up your document by chapter just in case. You don't want radical slowdowns or the frustration of opening a very very very large document.

  • @Fable Breaking it into chapters is a good idea. I wish I'd done that with the graphic novel I did for my Masters. I still might, when I revise the current version.

  • Thank you guys,
    So once the chapters are ready, how can I put them all together in one single PDF?

  • Depends why you're making the PDF. You could export all the pages, then select all the pages for print. Choose Microsoft Print to PDF from the printer selection drop down. This would be fine for a digital B&W or color comic and it would be fine for a B&W print comic.

    For a color comic bound for an offset printer, this wouldn't be good enough. You should export your line art and color art separately (line art as TIFF Duotone and color art as TIFF CMYK using the correct color profile given to you by the printer). The two files are combined in a page layout program. The line art layer is set to Darken to overprint on the color art. Many people use InDesign (some use Quark) but a cheap alternative is Serif Pageplus X8 or X9. X9 goes for around $120 but sometimes X8 goes on sale very cheap and it supports transparencies.

    For POD printers, you might be able to get away with using the Microsoft Print to PDF option.

  • @garlam
    I had not thought of Microsoft Print to PDF.
    But it does not work for me because I have to print in a non-standard page format.
    At the end I found an alternative virtual printer called FreePdf that allows me to custumize the page size. It works just fine.

    Thanks Garlam :)

  • @Giuggiola There's also doPDF.