Why does a content creator have to delete and replace the obj files that Poser saves for him?

  • Poser Ambassadors

    This is video number 4 of the Poser2Blender2Poser video series.

    The video shows that Poser is unable to save a properly grouped and welded obj file for you.
    This brings a TON of problems among morph creation, rigging, fitting room transfer and morph transfer, because all verts at all welds have a double, and the groups are left unwelded in the Poser saved obj files.

    What poser saves out can be used by the end user, because Poser uses its internal rewelding system to correct the issue internally, and if you leave them alone, they work.

    But the issues become worse and worse if you want to continue working with or on those obj files externally, as the video will clearly show.

    This also the main reason why so many report to get weld cracks in the fitting room when trying to fit a clothing that was build for figure A on figure B.

    The video also shows the 2 different ways to "fix" the issue and to continue with the correct obj file.

    Best regards, Tony