Transparent Color Disabled

  • Hi, I have been using Manga Studio for years (love it!) but today I was working and noticed that my Transparent Color (next to Black and White in the Tool bar and Color Palette) is disabled when I have a Vector Layer active to draw on (this doesn't change if the layer is 2-bit or 32-bit). When I click on a Raster Layer, the Transparent Color becomes available again. I thought I might have accidentally hit a hotkey that changed the settings, but every new page or story I start has the same issue. It's making me think I never really could draw Transparent in the first place? I can't remember. Please help! Thanks in advance!
    ps - I'm working in Manga Studio EX4


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    CSP has transparent vectors but it's a no in MS4EX. Guide.pdf

  • @garlam Thanks very much for the response! That makes sense, I must have just imagined that I could paint transparent vectors. Thanks again!