Project E works in P11

  • Thanks to the efforts of Chuck and co over at Poser, the latest Service Release (SR5) fixed a bunch of nagging issues including one that made Project E fail to work in P11. This was a problem since all of Chuck's important fixes were not available to me and I couldn't make use of the new and useful tools in Poser Pro 11.

    Now that both Project E mesh 5 and my comic figure work in PP11, life becomes much easier for me. From now on, while my comics render away on my main PC's I will proceed to start cleaning up and rounding off this girl. No more crazy stuff, no more re-rigs.

    There will be a testing phase at some point when I feel the base is presentable.

    Thank you for your patience, and thank you Chuck for listening and fixing Poser!

  • @erogenesis

    Woohoooo dances all around
    Can't wait ;-)

  • Very Cool! Looking forward to the new figure!