To morph the obj file? To JCM? Or not?

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    This was an answer to a Hivewire post.
    To create a morph, or not?
    To create a JCM, or not?
    To use the morph brush, or not?

    Because most of the time ! ! You need none of the above. :) => It only makes your cr2 more complicated then required.

    Possibilities that are often better but rarely used are :

    Morph using the weightmap.
    Morph using the bulge map.
    => This is by far the best tool to create for example a biceps when bending the forearm.
    Repaint the bulge map, and no need to set anything up at all. :)

    Here a quick video demo, that took no more then a few seconds to make.

    And the Weightmap and Bulge map go automatically in the clothing in the setup-fitting room.
    Best regards, Tony

  • As a general rule of thumb you should handle everything you can using rigging techniques (including bulge maps) before moving to morph targets as a solution.

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    Correct Joe,
    Newer Poser versions have so many new tools and still people keep working "the old ways". LOL.

    There are so many improvements content creators and their customers can enjoy.

    Anyhow, I"ll keep releasing video's to get information out to a wider public.