G-Pen returns to 40 all the time?

  • Hi there :o)
    Not too used to CSP yet, but already loving it. It has totally replaced all my other drawing apps/programs.
    However sometimes stuff happens that I don't understand.
    The latest: All of a sudden, my G-Pen changes back to size 40 every time I have used the hand or rotation tool (and perhaps other tools too).
    It started all of a sudden, and I am sure I have not set it to do so.
    I can of course switch it back to the size I use every time I have moved the canvas or made a select/de-select, but it is still a nuisance .
    Anybody knows why this happens?
    Thanx :o)

  • 0_1471051866857_lock.jpg

    Unclick the Lock.

  • Thanx a LOT! :o)
    Boy, I knew it was a pure rookie-mistake! :o)
    Thank you for your help!