AM's Wolf 2 and Superfly

  • what happens when you change the add closures with mix closures? I ask this because add closures are (from what I've read) used to make unrealistic/cartoon/unnatural textures.

    as far as the hair shader for Firefly: I've never had good results from it. It requires Poser lights to work and does not work well or at all with global/indirect light.

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    This was the SF shader that came with Pauline's strand hair ... I simply copied the cycles shader to a section of hair on the wolf ... deleted the PoserSurface root and created a new shader which I applied group/prop by group/prop to the entire wolf. I'm not sure about the closures myself. It was a part of the Poser shaders ... and sometimes the rules seem to change for strand hair shading. I will check out the Blender inforrmation, maybe I can get it all to work with the base texture extended as I originally wanted. You've given me a lot to think about.

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    @ghostship OMG ... this resource is AMAZING!!! Thank you!!

  • here is the part pertaining to Add Closures

    "What it does: Combines shaders together + adds their lightness values together (effectively breaking the laws of physics).

    Use it for: Special materials that need to combine two light values and aren’t meant to be photorealistic.

    In the real world, the amount of light that bounces off a surface cannot be greater than the amount of light that hit it in the first place. But the Add Shader will allow you to do that.

    If we add a Diffuse and Glossy shader together, we would have double the amount of energy that we started with, which is physically impossible, but useful for some materials like if you wanted to combine red, green, and blue glass shaders to create a dispersion effect."

  • I came along this problem as well. It happens with poser hair which is not an ordinary object. My conclusion was that this can’t be fixed be the user. SM has to give us a full implementation of poser hair for SuperFly to get this working.

    I try to explain what i have observed and why IMHO a user can’t fix it. The Color and Trans map used with poser hair are the maps of the object the hair is parented to and no the maps for the hair object itself.
    In FireFly the PoserSurface node is aware if this and does the necessary translations. For the root of a given single poser hair it knows its actual position on the parent obj and pics the correct color and trans values for that position from the maps.
    Another point is that the FireFly hair shader calculates a color gradient along the hairs root to its tip. For doing that it has to know how long the hair actually is. I don’t know if this information is accessible from outside at all.
    Same for the trans map. The PoserSurface root node calculates the transparence along the hair from its root to tip.

    Please prove that i am wrong, i would love to have a fix for poser hair in SuperFly.

  • @nagra_00_ I think you are right. Just checking into it quickly and could not get hair to behave reasonably in Superfly.

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    This is probably apples and oranges ... but what if we checked out the shader for cycles and the fibermesh in Blender. Study and perhaps find a tweak for Poser. shug, I am just throwing untried ideas out. Probably too many conflicts, but what the heck.

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    @Boni I try this already out , (wrapped my head around Blender ) but it does not work well.

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    @Ladonna I assumed as much, I know there are some cycles features that conflict with Poser's. Back to the drawing board. I'm sure there is a work around somehow.

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    @Boni Holler when you find out . I love the hair-room. Use it for Fantasy stuff in the past, would love to have it improved.

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    Sure will. I'd love to use my kitties and wolves as they were meant to be used.

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    @Boni I love to create Centaur, Faun and this kind of funny stuff. The hair room perfect for this.