Glad to be back

  • Hey all!

    I've been on a hiatus for well over a year but I'm getting back into action soon with new Poser tools and other products. I'm in the process of moving much of my content to Content Paradise (be in waves over the coming weeks, there is a lot to do and I will likely offer products in multiple venues). During my absence I was working for an animation company as a Technical Director and Rigger (Maya/Poser) and that left little spare time for doing much of anything else, on a tight and involved schedule. I've since parted ways and will be returning to content creation, at least for the near future.

    I try to keep busy and have at least 3 projects working in the background, though getting myself re-centered first is the priority.

    This is more of a "glad to be back and nice to see you" post and I mean that with all of my heart. I know that the landscape is much different now in terms of a certain site changing hands and getting used to and working with new features in Poser but I feel positive and excited for the future. It's just a transition and I believe that Poser has been through worse :)

    So, yeah, glad to be back!

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    @Netherworks - great news & very good to see you back again!

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    said in Glad to be back:

    and excited for the future. It's just a

    Good to have you back!

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    Welcome back Joe. Nice to have you around again.

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    Welcome back Joe :) Great to see you back.

  • YAY!!!!! What more can I say?

    Glad to see you getting back to what you do best. ~wide grin~

  • Sounds like you're raring to go, Joe! That's excellent news for us.

    I hope that means you'll be adding some conversions for Dusk and Baby Luna to HCS.

    And new toys in Creator's Toybox? Love that script!

    Lots of Poser users have missed you, that's for sure.

  • Yeah, I'm still sorting some things out and doing some emergency changes to my tools. Essentially, I'm placing products at Renderosity, Content Paradise and Hivewire3D, so it's reworking ads and file zips for those and then de-branding Runtime DNA from documentation and about boxes.

    Monkey wrench lately was dependency on Scripts Auto Launch, which was previously available as a freebie at DNA, and now hosted at Renderosity's File Locker:

    So I'm still sorting things. I think you'll see at least 5 classic products return by this friday.

    I have several things that are slated for new versions, in which case I'm holding off of uploading those, and a couple of brand new things on the boiler.

    The tools will be taking priority and then I'll get the classic toons back out :)

  • @Netherworks I know there's a bunch of folks at Hivewire waiting on Toybox. They'll be happy to hear the news!

  • Welcome back !

    I see "Netherworks" in my Poser python scripts drop-down menu, everyday. You're a part of the deal. Heh !

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    Welcome back Joe. Really glad to see you again. ;)

  • @Netherworks So glad to hear you'll be bringing products to HiveWire, that has so made my day.

    I have your Scripts Auto Launch and love it, so glad you've found a place to make it available.

    Welcome back Joe!!