Auto-Simplify Vector Lines?

  • Hello friends, I've been interested in buying ClipStudio Paint and decided to give the trial a test.

    I'm pretty satisfied with the software but I have a question, is it possible to auto-simplify lines as you draw then as vectors? Now, I understand that there is a Simplify Brush but I simply desire to after finishing a stroke, have it auto-simplified be able to more easily edit it...

    Thank you for your time.

  • If you open the brush Sub Tool Detail Palette and go to Correction you'll see an option for Post Correction. That will simplify the stroke.

  • If you're going to do any vector/control point work in CSP you should think about setting up your workspace better than it comes out of the box.

    First go to the Correct Line category and drag the Control Point tool up to the categories tab beside the Garbage Cleaner tab. That will create a new sub category called Control Point. Then Right Click on the Control Point Tool and select Duplicate Sub Tool. Name it Add Control Point. Select this new tool and open the Sub Tool Detail Palette. Change the Content of Process to Add Control Point. At the bottom of the Sub Tool Detail Palette, click Register Settings as Initial Settings.

    Do the same thing for the other functions of the Control Point Tool (Delete, Switch, Line Width, Line Density, and Cut Line).

    We have a tool that Cuts the line but we don't have one that Connects two lines so let's create that now. Go into the Correct Line category and select the Simplify Tool and duplicate it. Name it Connect Line. Open the Sub Tool Category and go to Edit Line. Uncheck Simplify and put a check on Connect Line and click Register Settings as Initial Settings.

    Now we're going to create one tool to rule them all. Go to the Object tool and Duplicate it. Name it Edit Vector. Open the Sub Tool Detail Palette and Go to Operation. Under Operation of Transparent Part choose Select Layer and Select Multiple By Drag. Under Selectable Object choose Vector and I like this one to select Rulers as well. Make Operation > Control Point and Scale/Rotate. Register Settings to Initial Settings.

    Now go to File>Modifier Key Settings. We're going to change these modifiers. For Ctrl, select Tool Aux Operation > Deselect. For Shift, choose Tool Aux Operation > Select Additionally. For Alt go to Change Tool Temporarily and navigate to your new Control Point category and select Switch Corner. Shift Alt can be Add Control Point and Ctrl Alt can be Delete Control Point. Ctrl Shift can be Correct Line Width and so on. Choose a modifier for the Simplify line tool, Correct Line Width tool (I've created two Correct Line Width Tools - one for thicken and one for thin) , the Connect Line tool, and Pinch.

    You can now edit vectors and control points with just this one tool.

    I said that I have created separate tools for Thicken Line and Thin Line. These don't need to be made into modifier keystrokes. You can assign a Shortcut keystroke to a tool and then hold down that shortcut while you use that tool. When you let go of the shortcut, it will return you to the previous tool.

  • @garlam Hello Garlam, thank you so much for both your fantastic answers. I'll try making the tool you suggested and will post here as soon as I get results...

    Thank your so much, again, for your time! :)