Guaranteed way to crash least for me.

  • Do a test render. With the render showing (not preview), try dragging an item into the scene. Automatic lock up, requiring a forced crash of the program through task manager (yes, windows). Only started happening with Poser 11. Happens every single time for me. If anyone else can repeat it then it's a bug and I'll report it. If not repeatable, it may not be Poser but something else.

  • @piersyf

    Confirmed (Win10-64bits)
    No need to render anything, just activate the render tab and drag'n'drop anything.
    Double clicking doesn't lock Poser.

  • Thanks for checking.
    I knew double clicking didn't cause a crash... in fact it loads the item into the scene without reverting back to preview (not to mention it won't have conformed to the character). Poser doesn't revert to preview unless you actually move the new object.
    I'll send a ticket tomorrow... getting close to bed time here.

  • @piersyf

    I have P11 Pro SR5, and if the render tab is active while I double-click on a figure, it reverts automatically to the preview tab.

  • Same here (PP11 and SR5)... just today I double clicked on a prop (cone primitive) and it didn't revert. It only reverted to preview when I rotated the prop (I knew what I wanted to do with it... didn't need to see it). I don't recall whether I'd done that with a figure. Maybe if it shows in the actor list it reverts, but not if... not? Anyway, I'm more interested in them fixing the circle and bar not locking Poser.

  • @piersyf

    Me too.
    Have a good night :-)

  • Thanks for bring this to our attention. I've reproduced the issue and filed a bug report. Our engineers are on it. For now just double click. Thanks!

  • Awesome! Thanks Chuck.