Can CSP run on a Mac Mini?

  • Hi :o)
    I have my Cintique 27 connected to my iMac but I'm thinking about buying a Mac Mini to make Mac-Cintique a "closed circuit".
    My question is: Is a Mac Mini strong enough to run CSP (the only drawing program I use)?
    I have been referred to the "System Requirements for CSP", but must admit it didn't help me much (I'm a tech-dummy).
    Does anybody have any experience?
    Thanx in advance :o)

  • Just looking at the Mac Mini specs you can see it meets the system requirements. The cheapest Mac Mini has 4 GB of RAM which is fine for running the software but as always, more is better.

    System Requirements Mac:

    Mac Mini Specs:

  • Than you SO much my friend!
    So when the Mac Mini says: 1.4GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 (Turbo Boost up to 2.7GHz) it means that it is MORE than the required "Mac with Intel Core 2 Duo and other later processors" ?
    Sorry for being so dim, but... :o)

  • The i5 is more than good enough. By comparison, I have an i3 processor on my mini PC and I don't experience any lag at all. I went with 8GB of RAM which can really make a difference and the next chance I get I'll be upgrading the RAM to 16GB. 4GB will work fine, but more is always better and a much cheaper way to improve a computer than going with a faster CPU (I'd love an i7 but I don't play games so I can't justify the cost).

    The other thing to consider is the graphics card which is needed for the 3D models. The Intel HD Graphics 5000 that comes with the cheapest Mac Mini will handle the 3D models easily.

  • Thank you again my friend!
    It's not easy being a tech-moron...but with helpful people like you, people like me get by anyway :o)
    Thank you again!