Image import and format??

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    I keep going back and forth with CPS and Photoshop ... I LOVE the brush handing in CPS so much ... but I am lost in the layers and image import. I get an image perfect in Poser and Photoshop and want to use it AS IS in CPS ... but when I bring it in it becomes screened, which I do not want. I want to retain the clarity, smoothness and color of the imported image unchanged when I export pages. As is I export as PSD and replace images in Photoshop and export page. I can't build a graphic novel that way. I have not found an explanation of how to use layers and retain the integrity of imported images. What am I missing?


    This was what I did going back and forth between CPS and PS. One page.

  • What do you mean when you say it becomes screened? The image becomes half-toned? Posterized? Do you have an example of what it looks like when you import an image into CSP?

    There isn't really a trick to importing an image into CSP. Create your page, go to File>Import>Image. The image will be imported as an image material layer. It can be rasterized if you need it to be.

    0_1471658626760_image import.jpg

    Here's an example of a higher resolution picture imported into CSP just to show that the image quality isn't being reduced.

    0_1471659223851_image quality.jpg

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    Half toned ... that is what I mean. Rasterizing might be what I need. Let me check that out. 0_1471661272471_2016-08-19.png

    I see I cannot revert back to original image ... but

    0_1471661828207_2016-08-19 (1).png

    I was able to do it with another page and can go back and redo the last one. Thank you ... I know this was a simple fix. I'm still learning. Thank you so much.

  • There's an effect button on the Layer Property Palette that will tone an image. From your example, I can see that the imported (and half-toned) image is now rasterized so the tone is no longer a material that can be turned off or edited. I'm not sure how the images became half toned prior to being rasterized but keep an eye on the Layer Property Palette if the half toning happens again. It can be undone there.

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    That is great to know, thank you. Another question, I seem to recall from an earlier version that an image can be auto-traced? Is that still available and if so ... where?

  • Same place: Layer Property Palette.

    0_1471666086909_layer property palette.jpg

    The effect buttons can give a Border, Outline and Tone, Half Tone, and Color to a layer. The one you want for Line is the second button. There will be a few options to play with to tweak the line quality when you click that button. It's all editable and can be undone anytime as long as you don't rasterize the results.