I need a Python script for Blender

  • Because it's un-necessary. The time it takes to activate a python script is more key strokes than the methods offered above. Not dissing your idea as such, just offering an explanation as to why nobody has bothered making such a script. Now if it was a script to import scenes into Blender, I might be interested... and no, teleblend doesn't work that well. A Poser fusion for Blender is something I asked for on that survey that came out recently.

  • What I mentioned was using Blender at ten times the scale of Poser. I do that for a reason.
    Blender only offers Clamp on scale at import, I don't think I have seen a OBJ import scale script or addon.
    When I import something from Poser, I scale it up from 1 to 10 on the 3 axes.
    I do basically the same thing in other programs then setup the export to do all the work for me in a preset.
    The biggest difference is OBJ handling, and I never export an obj from Poser to use it in Blender or any other app.
    The only exception to that is morph targets to be used in another app.

    Everything I model for Poser in Blender is 10 times the scale Poser uses, all the export presets for Poser are set to a scale of .1 which makes it the right size in Poser in a few simple clicks.
    In the OBJ export menu I have many presets already set up at the top under Operator Presets, you can add as many presets as you want too. I have more than a few just in the OBJ Export for use in Poser.

    As far as scripts and plugins, there are tons of them already widely available for Blender.
    Finding them can be an issue and Blender stopped maintaining the lists for that a long time ago.
    Fortunately, someone else took up doing some of it here.
    Only problem is that it isn't a very complete list either.
    But well worth bookmarking for other addons and scripts.
    You can find a lot more at the game engine forums as well, people are always streamlining exporting to a game engine.

    To me, the whole point of scale matching between apps is do do it as simply as possible.
    Using a ten x multiplier system Blender is simple and effective.
    If you use a system like this, you don't need to do much at all when upgrading to a newer version of Blender either.

    Most of my Blender scenes have links to other scenes in them, and many scripts will only run on local part of the scene.
    You usually have to switch to that file save to manipulate those parts at their scene level.
    I link in characters that are already scaled up 10 times, etc.
    Then I can just make whatever I am going to do and export it out.
    I only have to scale the figure up once, and save it as a scene file.
    Exporting for Poser is a few clicks and type in a name.

    The main reason I offered this suggestion was not to turn you off from scripts or offend you.
    It was to get you into a workflow that doesn't rely on scripts that only work for certain scenes in the first place.

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    Building a 1, by1, by1 meter box in Blender?
    It comes in Poser as a 2.61 by 2.61 by 2.61 meter box.

    So when building in Blender in meters? (or metrical system)

    Export at scale 0.383114176 and you would be very-very close when you are working in meters in Poser.


    The pink and green box are 1 by 1 by 1 meter in Blender.
    In Poser they load as 2.61 meters tall.

    The BLUE box was exported from Blender at 0.383114175 scale.
    And imported as exactly 1 meter box in Poser.

    2.61 Blender meters are 1 Poser meter.

    Best regards, Tony

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    The script you ask for is build directly into the Blender object file export options.
    Simply set export scale to 0.38314176 (if you are building in meters)

    And import in Poser at 100% (the default scale)

    1 Poser meter is 0.38314175 Blender meter
    1 Blender meter is 2.61 Poser meters.

  • @piersyf You should read the title of the thread again. I didn't ask if anyone needed the script. I said I did. Me, nobody else. I didn't ask anyone to build it for me. I asked if anyone knew if one existed. And finally, I asked if anyone might help me build one for myself. Now if no one else wants to use the script after it's built, fine, I'll keep it to myself, which, judging from the response I'm getting, if someone did make it already, they probably decided to do the same thing.

  • @vilters Thanks Tony. Uh, how do you know that's where to set the scale, or what measurement to use?

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    In Blender it is here. => Scene-Scene => Seer the Upper red arrow.
    0_1471782560966_Blender-setting units.jpg

    Then check lower for the Units, and select the units you want to use. = > i set mine here to meters.

    In Poser, you can set the Units in General preferences => Interface => Display => Units => Select meters..

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    Size and position info => Click the "n" button and get the size and position information.
    0_1471783184791_Blender-size and position info.jpg

  • @eclark1849
    I did read the heading. I know you wanted it. I was suggesting why such a script didn't exist. Poser has an export scale option. Blender has an export scale option. If you know the numbers that's all there is to it.
    I will say that I have a slightly different number to Tony's... I use 38.148 when exporting from Blender (metres) into Poser. Seems accurate to me.

  • @vilters
    That image suggests it won't stay that size when exported... the scale fields (above box dimensions) all read 0.5. It was source of frustration when I first started playing with Blender to box model something, export it to Poser, and have it open as a collection of actual boxes (cubes).

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    Yes, this can be frustrating.

    When opening Blender, the default cube loads.
    Then set units to meters, and you get a 2, by2, by2, meter cube.
    Then set dimensions to 1, by1,by1 meter.
    That is .05 in all directions of the default cube. LOL.

    Then reset XYZ Euler to 1 all, and the cube changes again... LOL.