Buying Poses from Renderosity

  • @Twister1996 Just for clarification, you CAN buy the base figures of Michael 4 and Victoria 4 at Make sure it's Michael and Victoria 4. Also, generally, you can apply poses to almost any figure and they will work. Not perfectly, most likely, but they will work. You may need to do some major tweaking afterwards. That said, unless you're really good at posing your own figures, I suggest only using canned poses on the figures they were intended for.

  • I see, if I buy the base figures and import them into Poser's library, will they come equipped with their own properties and parameter dials for me to tweak? Or if not, Poser would at least equip these 3rd party imported figures with most advance dials (such as bend, side to side, twist, etc.)?


  • @Twister1996

    Not exactly: Vic and Michael may be bought as base figure or in more complete packs.
    Each has its own "Morphs++" pack to have more possibilities.
    I have even bought Posermatic's NBM for Vic4 that let's you have more control on her breasts, it helps for cleavages for example.
    Each has also an Elite pack for more possibilities

    Daz knows how to sell things, believe me... They are even proposing complete packages as well... They call them "Bundles"

  • Are these morphs++ the equivalent of Poser's built-in parameter dials and properties? Meaning, same full functionalities or not quite, making these 3rd party figures more like buy as is, with some minor tweaks?

  • You can apply poses to figures as universal poses (double click) if they are designed for different figures!0_1471785694979_pose demo.jpg The picture shows a Michael 4 pose applied to Andy2 and Paul (right) the centre figure is the same pose applied as an original pose (single tick in library) to Michael 4.
    Michael 4 and Victoria 4 have all the normal posing dials of a poser figure and work just like the native figures. The morph++and morphs. If you look at Paul or Ryan you will see they have dials under the heading fbm (Paul has only heavy and muscular, Ryan has more). Michael 4 and Victoria 4 don't come with these and you have to purchase the morph packs to get them.
    And don't rush to buy Michael4 and Victoria 4 unless your need is urgent. You've just missed a huge sale on these figures, but there might well be another sometime in the future.

  • Seconding the advice not to rush into buying other figures. Daz3d constantly has sales, so if you do decide to buy, you should do it when the figures are available for a major discount. And you should be aware that acquiring product for each generation of DAZ figures is extremely expensive. I recommend learning how to adapt other figures' poses and clothes to Paul and Pauline first, and only then decide whether you need to buy additional figures. You can find poses and clothes to practice with at ShareCG. Some of them are every bit as good as commercial products, and some were commercial products before the makers made them free.

  • 100% agree with all what @j-naylor73 and @willshetterly said.

  • This person has a lot of good poses for free in his gallery:

  • This may be the best place to start when looking for free poses:

  • @Twister1996 The base Victoria 4 and Michael 4 come with only a few morphs, the Morphs++ packs greatly expand on those options, and are practically a necessity.

    In case you weren't aware regarding the nomeclature, a "Morph" is used to alter the mesh of the figure in some way, such as increasing musculature or changing the shape and size of the nose.

  • @willshetterly said in Buying Poses from Renderosity:

    This person has a lot of good poses for free in his gallery:

    Yes, she's always adding new things to her ShareCG gallery, though not always poses. She often adds clothing as well, so check her gallery often.

  • You know, come to think of it, I have a buttload of free poses for V4, M4 and Aiko 3 and several native Poser figures as well. I been so long since I last used the site, I actually forgot they were there. I'll have to find a way to dig them out for you though.

  • Just noticed that at Content Paradise there are lots of pose sets in a sale, including quite a few for the G2 figures included with poser (Simon and Sydney), and even some for James and Jessi

  • @modus0 said in Buying Poses from Renderosity:

    In case you weren't aware regarding the nomeclature, a "Morph" is used to alter the mesh of the figure in some way, such as increasing musculature or changing the shape and size of the nose.

    does that mean I can customize their appearances but customizing their poses are limited?

  • What about the cloth packs (wardrobe) made for Daz3D figures? Can these be imported into Poser's props' library and applied to Poser's built-in character?

    If yes, is it a hassle to fit them on to Poser's figures? If say I use "Conform to" from the Figure menu, would it custom fit the clothing automatically?

  • @Twister1996 For making clothing fit other models, watch this:

  • @willshetterly I don't have Poser Pro version that comes with the fitting room, but I forgot the "Conform to" feature works with clothing already preconfigured for specific models.

  • @Twister1996 My bad; I've got Pro 11 and forget I'm in the minority. If you've got a version of Poser that comes with the Wardrobe Wizard, this might help:

  • re your question "does that mean I can customize their appearances but customizing their poses are limited?". No without the morph packs, you can customise the pose as much as you like, but can't change the appearance.
    As for getting clothes to fit, poser comes with wardrobe wizard. This allows you to convert clothing, but you need to have the support for the specific figures AND the figures installed.
    The support files for the figures included with poser are already supplied, but for example if you wanted to convert clothing for Michael 4 to Paul, you would need to buy the Michael 4 extra figure support from PhilC's website and Michael 4 from Daz. (Your poser manual has a whole section on Wardrobe wizard, and Smith micro has a webinar on YouTube.)
    There is also Crossdresser from EvilInnocence. If you go to that website that is explained there.

  • @j.naylor73 I thought you only needed support files in Wardrobe Wizard for the character you are converting too, not the originator.Though it has been a while since I messed with WW, so I could be remembering wrong.

    @Twister1996 As j.naylor73 said, the morph packs are only for customizing the figure's appearance, and have no bearing on anything else. The DAZ "Millennium" figures (Victoria 1-4, Michael 1-4, and the rest of their pre-Genesis human figures) are as natively usable in Poser as the Poser default figures, with the exception of the Face Room.