Buying Poses from Renderosity

  • @Twister1996 The base Victoria 4 and Michael 4 come with only a few morphs, the Morphs++ packs greatly expand on those options, and are practically a necessity.

    In case you weren't aware regarding the nomeclature, a "Morph" is used to alter the mesh of the figure in some way, such as increasing musculature or changing the shape and size of the nose.

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    This person has a lot of good poses for free in his gallery:

    Yes, she's always adding new things to her ShareCG gallery, though not always poses. She often adds clothing as well, so check her gallery often.

  • You know, come to think of it, I have a buttload of free poses for V4, M4 and Aiko 3 and several native Poser figures as well. I been so long since I last used the site, I actually forgot they were there. I'll have to find a way to dig them out for you though.

  • Just noticed that at Content Paradise there are lots of pose sets in a sale, including quite a few for the G2 figures included with poser (Simon and Sydney), and even some for James and Jessi

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    In case you weren't aware regarding the nomeclature, a "Morph" is used to alter the mesh of the figure in some way, such as increasing musculature or changing the shape and size of the nose.

    does that mean I can customize their appearances but customizing their poses are limited?

  • What about the cloth packs (wardrobe) made for Daz3D figures? Can these be imported into Poser's props' library and applied to Poser's built-in character?

    If yes, is it a hassle to fit them on to Poser's figures? If say I use "Conform to" from the Figure menu, would it custom fit the clothing automatically?

  • @Twister1996 For making clothing fit other models, watch this:

  • @willshetterly I don't have Poser Pro version that comes with the fitting room, but I forgot the "Conform to" feature works with clothing already preconfigured for specific models.

  • @Twister1996 My bad; I've got Pro 11 and forget I'm in the minority. If you've got a version of Poser that comes with the Wardrobe Wizard, this might help:

  • re your question "does that mean I can customize their appearances but customizing their poses are limited?". No without the morph packs, you can customise the pose as much as you like, but can't change the appearance.
    As for getting clothes to fit, poser comes with wardrobe wizard. This allows you to convert clothing, but you need to have the support for the specific figures AND the figures installed.
    The support files for the figures included with poser are already supplied, but for example if you wanted to convert clothing for Michael 4 to Paul, you would need to buy the Michael 4 extra figure support from PhilC's website and Michael 4 from Daz. (Your poser manual has a whole section on Wardrobe wizard, and Smith micro has a webinar on YouTube.)
    There is also Crossdresser from EvilInnocence. If you go to that website that is explained there.

  • @j.naylor73 I thought you only needed support files in Wardrobe Wizard for the character you are converting too, not the originator.Though it has been a while since I messed with WW, so I could be remembering wrong.

    @Twister1996 As j.naylor73 said, the morph packs are only for customizing the figure's appearance, and have no bearing on anything else. The DAZ "Millennium" figures (Victoria 1-4, Michael 1-4, and the rest of their pre-Genesis human figures) are as natively usable in Poser as the Poser default figures, with the exception of the Face Room.

  • @j.naylor73 said in Buying Poses from Renderosity:

    No without the morph packs, you can customise the pose as much as you like

    Ok - just to clear up some minor confusion here, the Daz3D figures come equipped with their own set of parameters and properties dials for adjusting their poses. The morphs need to be purchased separately to adjust their appearances.

    Also, the Daz3D figures poses (Michael 4 for example) can be applied to Poser's native figures but transferred poses can be tweaked using Poser's parameters and properties palette.

    is this correct?

  • Yes that's correct, with one minor point. This only applies to daz figures Michael 4 and Victoria 4 and older. Poses for newer daz figures, usually referred to as genesis, genesis 2 and genesis 3, but sometimes Michael 5 etc are usually in a file format poser can't recognise. There is a free plugin from Daz (dson importer for poser) that allows you to use genesis and genesis 2 stuff in poser but some people have had problems with that. So make sure any pose set you buy is stated as being compatible with poser.

  • @Twister1996 Yes. To be more precise, you will have to tweak the poses a little, because there are always variations. Usually, the hands and feet are most affected—the rest of the body may be close enough to what you want.

    In addition to having to buy morphs, you have to buy skin maps. For example, see what's included with the Michael 4 Starter kit:

    If you decide to invest in Daz figures, their Platinum Club membership will save you money. But the habit becomes expensive no matter how you approach it, which is why I'm strongly advising you do what I didn't: get comfortable with Poser using freebies and the included content before you start buying other figures.

  • For anyone here who uses the free Daz Studio software, would you know if it can do comic book mode or cartoon line arts (black and white, as well as color)? If so, is it as good as Poser?

    This is what I'm using Poser mostly for, not for animation (at least not at the moment). If Daz Studio can do comic book renderings, then perhaps I can pose their native figures there without having to buy morphs and use intermediary stuff like Wardrobe Wizards.

  • I could never get my head around the daz studio interface so gave up trying and went over to poser, but that's probably my problem! So can't help directly but is this the sort of thing you are looking for -

  • Actually, more towards black and white line arts is what I'm interested in, but color cartoon rendering is also acceptable. Poser 11 comes with a very good Comic Book Preview Options palette, but wondering if Daz Studio have this option too.


    If not, I'll import them into Poser as you kind folks suggested.

  • @Twister1996 Since you want to do comics, I'm changing my advice.

    But first, I recommend you stick with Poser. There are ways to do comics with Daz, but the best ones involve running the image through a filter in Photoshop or some other art program to get the effect of line art, which is time-consuming. What I like about Poser for comics is you can print things quickly to see if you like the panel and then move on to the next.

    The advice I'm changing involves Michael 4 and Victoria 4. If you're doing comics, you don't want to be spending much time adjusting clothes and poses—though you'll find you'll do some of that no matter what you do. Using M4 and V4 makes a lot of sense for comics, especially given how much free stuff there is for them. You might also consider getting the Michael 3 and Victoria 3 reduced resolution figures that are in this package:

    If you decide to make the purchases, getting a Daz Platinum Club membership will save you money. But try not to buy anything that's not at a 60% discount or better for PC members. Daz has sales constantly to create a feeding frenzy in their customers. If you miss a great deal, it'll turn up again in a few months, most likely.

    If you go with Michael 4, the pack you linked to at the beginning of this thread looks like a good deal. I've gotten other things from that seller and been happy with them.

  • Personally I have not had much luck applying Universal Poses to figures other than the one the Pose was designed for. It works some times, with minor adjustments, but I have found that it more often completely messes up the pose or the model. I recommend using poses only for the figure they were made for as much as possible. I have had a pose completely blow up/distort the mesh of the model on me before.

    Your mileage may vary, but I have had very little luck using poses meant for another model.

  • I recommend turning off IK which is on by default in Poser, when using any pose, ESPECIALLY in Universal pose mode. Even on figures the pose was designed for.