Off screen Library with one screen

  • I usually use 2 monitors and have my library on my second monitor. But for a bit I need to use only one. The problem is, my library is staying on my second monitor. I can't access it. With older versions I could set it as external and press some key combination to be able to move it back on screen with my keyboard. I can't do that now. In the pose room, I had a ui dot setup for one screen that brought the library back. But I don't have that in the other rooms. How can I get it back without resetting to factory state and losing all my other set up?

  • @redphantom

    Poser stores the settings for each window in each room in an XML file, called "Poser UI Prefs_0000x0000.xml"
    0000x0000 being the current definition of the main screen (in my case, that gives ""Poser UI Prefs_1920x1080.xml"

    If you have the patience, you may close Poser, rename that file, start Poser and then close it. That will generate a new file.
    Then you may be able to retrieve the library's window settings and copy them back.

    Make backups...

    Under Window, Poser's settings folder is under "%APPDATA%\Roaming\Poser Pro" (without the quotes) for the pro version.
    I think that it ends with "Poser 11" for the standard version.
    Under Mac OS, you have a similar folder but I don't remember exactly where it is (probably somewhere under your personal profile)

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