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  • Quick question: I imported a teaset i made in Blender into Poser. Unfortunately, the props were all different sizes and too big so I had to scale them down. Short of exporting the props and then importing them again, is there any way to keep the props at their scaled down current size, but reset the scaling size to 100% again without have to do all that?

  • @eclark1849 I think Vilters talks about this in one of his Poser-to-Blender Blender-to-Poser video tutorials.

  • @ghostship I don't think we're talking about the same thing, but i'll check it out. Thanks ghostship.

  • As far as I'm aware, there's no way to re-scale something inside Poser while retaining the 100% value in the scale parameter. You have to export/import as an .obj. It doesn't have to go through Blender or anything, just to a folder and back again (I'm sure you already know that bit). It might be worth asking for though (along with a way to reliably get origins to a selected point on any object)... I have a few commercial props that come in at all sorts of odd scales and points of rotation.

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    Exporting and importing a properly grouped and welded Figure/Prop from Poser brings you to the issue of video 4. => Poser is UNABLE to export a properly grouped and welded figure/Prop. => it only exports a loose collection of groups.

    Poser exports a FULLY welded Figure/Prop hereby loosing all vertex groups. => Depends on your wavefront object file export settings.

    If you build a properly welded and vertex grouped object file in Blender, you have to export it at the correct scale from Blender before importing it in Poser.

    We talked about that in another tread here.

  • Scale your Blender object upon import to Poser. It will appear inside Poser at 100% scale.

  • Apparently, I didn't fully explain what i wanted to do, a.though Piersyf did understand. Let's say i created a cup in Blender. I export that cup from Blender, then import that cup into Poser. If I import Roxie, that cup is now as big or bigger than she is and i have to scale it down to match her size. So now the cup is at 10% scale of what it was when i first imported it. At this point I want to now change the scale size to to READ 100% without actually changing the size of the cup. I could export the cup at it's current size and then import it back again, but I want to know if there is anyway to manually RESET the scale readout from INSIDE Poser, without having to do all that?

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    Resetting inside Poser is impossible.

    When you have such a case?


    Use the import options, => Scale percentage relative to original size or standard figure.

    And your figure/prop will import at "the scale you set" and be 100% scale inside Poser.

    The "centered" and "Make polygons normals consistent" are optional, and not "required".

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    Best practise however is to always load a reference figure when building support props, build to exact proportions, and export at 100% and import at 100% in Poser.

    So basically when you build "out of scale"? => You have 2 options.

    • Either scale down at export from Blender.
    • Or import "scaled down" at import in Poser as shown above.

    In both cases your prop will be 100% scale in the Poser properties palette.

  • @eclark1849
    To reset the scale just export your prop as OBJ and reload it again. The new prop will have the right scale at 100%.

    But I would try to find a scale that works and save it as an profile in Blender's exporter.

  • @bantha Thank you for your answer, but just for clarification... again, my question was if there was anyway to do it OTHER than having to export it and re-import it again. I guess the answer is "no".

  • @eclark1849
    I guess it could be done with a Python script inside of Poser, but I don't think that I've seen such a script. Since you can access the geometry, it should be possible to copy the prop with Python.

    Also, it would be possible to use a Python scipt to do the export-import thing. In both cases you would have a new prop, so shaders would have to be transfered too, if needed.

  • Actually you can do all this right inside Poser. No scripts needed.

    • Load your prop
    • Position and scale as you want it
    • Open the group tool
    • If your prop doesn't already have a group that includes the entire prop create it and Add>All
    • On the Group tool click [Create Prop]
    • If you needed to create an "all" group you can remove that group from the new prop, or not. It won't hurt any thing.

    Now you have a new prop with that is zeroed where you want it. All the existing materials and groups are copied into the new prop. You can safely remove the original prop from the scene.

  • Great work Chuck! The grouping tool is something that needs more documentation... I use it on and off, but half the time I can't do anything with it (it stays greyed out, giving no options and no ability to create new groups).

  • @nerd3d Thank you, Chuck. I'm not very adept with the grouping tool, but I'll certainly give it a shot.