how to hold frame/cels / how to extend cels

  • Hey, another question, if say i want to hold a cel for 3 or 5 how do I it? atm i specified some thumbnails to cels and now I want to hold certain thumbnails for a few frames instead of just 1.

  • In the Timeline click on the next empty Frame and click the Specify Cel button. Select the layer that you want to hold. It will now be duplicated in that Frame. Continue to the next Frame and do the same thing, for as many Frames as you need.

    In this example below, I've held cel 2 for three frames and will add it again to Frame 5.


  • hey thanks for the reply and sorry for the late reply, say for instance i have 30 frames and I want to hold cel 12 fro 3 frames how do i do that?

  • If you have a cel on frame 12 and you want the image on that cel to remain on frame 13 and 14 just don't do anything. On frame 15 insert a new cel and draw an image on it. The image on the cel in frame 12 will be on frame 12, 13, and 14 and the image on the cel that occupies frame 15 will appear at frame 15.

  • If you have a cel on frame 12 and more cels on frame 13 through 30 and you want to extend the cel on frame 12 for another 2 frames, click on frame 13 and go to Animation>Clip>Split. In the Timeline grab the bar just above the cel names and drag it over a few frames. Hold Shift while selecting the two clips and go to Animation>Clip>Join..