Poser Pro 11 and Victoria 4 and Morphs

  • I thought I would take advantage of the EZSkin3 with new cycles script. As at this stage it works mainly for Victoria 4 I installed a lot f her components including all of the morphs including morphs++.In Poser Pro 2011 these morphs will not load onto her.Which is useless to me as I cannot poser her hands or anything else.Is this a bug in the program? And has anyone else had the same problem? Cheers

  • I just tested V4 and morphs ++ in Poser11 and they all work fine.

  • Did you run the DzCreateExPFiles-V4.bat script after installing the morphs++?

  • Also, do you have V4 already installed somewhere else? Multiple copies of the Generation 4 figures will cause them all to stop working.

    If you already have V4 and her morphs installed in another runtime just add that runtime to your Poser 11 library. There's no need to duplicate.

  • As Glitterati mentioned, you don't have to reinstall V4 in PP11 Runtime if you have her already installed in the Runtime of an earlier version of Poser, or in my case, as is the case of all my generation 4 characters, installed in my DS 3 Advanced Runtime.

    Here's a quick FireFly render I just did in PoserPro11, and I don't use many of the Morphs++ morphs, but one I ALWAYS use is the NailsLength morph, and as you can see, it works just fine.

    alt text

  • May I propose something? If you are reorganizing your runtimes, setup one exclusively for Vic4. So that you don't depend on the version of Poser.
    For myself, I've setup one for Vic4 and its morphologies, poses and mats, one for the clothes, one for Dawn, one for any kind of props, etc...

  • It also depends on how you downloaded and installed Victoria 4 as well as Morphs++. If you used the Daz Installer, then it's supposed to initialize both Victoria 4 and Morphs++ for you. However, if you downloaded them the old fashion way, through zip files, then both have to be initialized like Kerya said. If I recall correctly, Vic4 has to be initialized first and separately, before installing and initializing Morphs++.

  • Many thanks everyone for your replies. I had then installed in the wrong place.However I got the DAZ Install Manager to install them and all is working OK! Cheers

  • @arrow1 Glad to hear you got it working.

  • Nice to hear it worked!