Manga Studio 5 vs. Manga Studio EX 5 - how is Manga Studio EX 5 "Better"?

  • so as far as shopping for a manga creation product, is Manga Studio EX 5 "Better"? because it certainly is more expensive. would I be able to create a full volume of manga just as easily in Manga Studio 5 and have it only cost me 50 bucks?

  • You could do a full comic with CSP Pro despite the missing features (you can see them in the comparison chart). The more notable missing feature is the Story Mode which allows you to open a multi-page document so you work on your comic as a whole rather than one page at a time but you could make a comic one page at time.

  • @GSO To be honest, I don't think the Ex is worth at all, and definitely not worth a 4x price

    Which is a great thing ^_^

  • Smith Micro is always having sales. They just had a big one this past June. Buy the Pro version and get used to the program. If you feel you could use the Story Mode, 3D Lighting, or 2DLT conversion, start checking the website often for a sale. I didn't pay full price for EX.

  • I agree on SALES. That's when I update Clip Studio Paint and Moho (nee Anime Studio). It's a LOT cheaper to do it that way, and Smith Micro is not the only place that has them.