Render cache not clearing after updating to SR5.

  • Is anyone else having problems with the poser not deleting files from the render cache while poser is in use, until a poser restart? It clears them from the renders window inside poser, but leaves the files in the cache and they show up on the next restart of poser.

    After next restart if I delete them, it will delete the old ones, but if I do a new render(s) I have to wait till another restart before it will delete those.

  • I happen to make a habit of deleting the Render Cache files from both my versions of Poser when I delete the cache files from my browsers, and the Windows temp folder before logging off every night, so I haven't experienced what you are experiencing.

  • @rlowens68

    When I want to clear Poser's cache, I'm using its button in its preferences dialog box, and I set the max render cache down to 1. Upon restart, I switch it back to 25. The cache folder is empty after these manipulations.

  • Thank heavens it's a poser a bug, I thought I was having recurring senior moments when I opened Poser and found renders I thought I'd deleted! :-)