How many samples

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    I would say that there isn't any one answer, Ghostship; even with the same scene, if the lighting changes from daylight to night with mesh lighting, I've found that more samples were needed to resolve the image.

  • @Glitterati3D tested with your render settings. See attached render.I have a 5 year old i5 so I'm in Slowsville.
    @seachnasaigh You are right. Using Glitterati's settings I got better results with Poser lights+backdrop+construct (no envirosphere) than with only using the envirosphere only for light. Different look to the images to be sure.


  • @ghostship I find that Superfly requires the Portrait scene be enclosed with at least 3 walls. You can make them invisible, but the tighter the environment is to your scene (instead of that huge Construct) the faster, and better your renders get finished.

  • @Glitterati3D I'm assuming this would also be the case with a couple of large reflectors. I've already tried a small one on one side of her face and that worked out well. One thing I have done as well is set up a spot light aimed at the construct in front of the figure and that became the bounce/global light.

  • Here is what I get, using my settings:

  • @Y-Phil what is the Luminence Pack?

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    The "Luminance HDRI" pack is sold at daz shop. At first, it's for the studio, not for poser. But it contains a series of 62 TIFF files that can easily be converted to HDR for use in poser.

  • @Y-Phil Ok, so they are not 32bit files to start out with? I have seen a photoshop script to convert to HDRI but it's over $100 and I'm doubtful it works well. How are you converting?

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    I'm using photoshop without script: open TIF file, save as HDR. I don't know if it affects the quality of the picture or its HDR characteristics, but I know that the result is visible in poser.

  • Thank you for asking Ghostship, as I was wondering too. Turns out I bought that pack years ago, but hadn't thought about it since working in Poser again.

    I'm definitely going to have to check them out.

  • Hi there

    Usually I render for portraits up to 50 samples,sometimes I will crank that up to 65,which is very rare,but as above good HDR can make or break scene and lighting
    If you are want to use TIFF or any other format you can,but I wouldn't use as HDR is bit better format,last night I've tried render same scene like with HDR,JPG,TIFF and OpenEXR

    My results one V4,no lights only BB EnvSphere:

    HDR: 25 samples and V4 has looked OK,no visible noise at 25 samples
    JPG: 50 samples and V4 looked OK although there has been little noise
    TIFF:75 samples and lighting looked all over place,over exposed and first time I've saw fireflies and white dots etc,at 75 noise has been still visible
    OpenEXR: This has been biggest surpise for me,overexposed again and doesn't looked as should

    And here is simple V4 which I rendered for this test at 25 samples

    0_1472437768953_Render 2.jpg

    and here is my older render which I've rendered in past

    0_1472438038392_TEST VA.jpg

    Hope this helps


  • @jura11 what are you using as the background on this one with the red hair?

  • @ghostship

    Hi there

    In this one I'm pretty sure I've used one from sIBL collection I think is called 03,but I've changed in PS levels of this HDR