What kind of Poser products you enjoy/prefer to buy?

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    I am a Merchant that mainly works on the development of products for Poser and I decided to create this topic in order that it can be helpfull (to me and to other Poser merchants) in our next creations.
    If you use Poser, what kind of products you enjoy/prefer to buy?
    Sorry for my bad English... it's not my mother language.
    Have a great day!
    Jose (3Dream)

  • Personally, I don't like much the characters that come with Poser. I'll have to find Erogenesis' version of Pauline, but there's very few clothes...
    I prefer Vic4, Aiko4 and from time to time oldies like Aiko3 and Terai Yuki.

  • @3Dream
    Re: What kind of Poser products you enjoy/prefer to buy?
    V4, M4, A3 clothes and morphs, sometimes V3 and M3.

  • Well, since the question wasn't specific to figures and I'd like anyone else responding to take their blinders off for a second, let me lead the way by telling you what I buy if I buy anything:

    I like props - anything that doesn't have overlapping UV's and are things I don't have the time to make myself. Usually this means vehicles. I find them tedious to make but interesting to texture. I've also been known to purchase light sets in the past but I usually am disappointed by those.

  • I love to buy clothes (females most of the time), and props/figures that relate to the environment: nature, houses, rooms, furniture, etc...
    I buy a lot of hair props/figures
    I appreciate (when I've enough free time) to buy vehicles. It's a challenge each time, especially using the non-firefly root nodes.

  • I prefer the Hivewire figures and only buy hair and clothing for them.

    I do purchase hair products and if they have a fit for the above figures, they're almost an instant buy.

    I like props & small scenes. Vikike176 small prop scenes are some of my favorites and I think I own all of her stuff. Flipmode's Easy Environments are also great stuff.

  • I had to think long and hard to answer this one :D
    I use Dawn/Dusk when it is possible, so clothes are not an option, but conversion tools are.
    Tools and unique kits are my primary purchases. Things I would look at would be scifi interior/exterior, python scripts. Items like (I have the following) PICK, Modular living, 3Dcs variouse kits.

    Other than the above, I only purchase Items that I need for a specific render, no impulse items

  • I'm a bit of a shopaholic for poser items. In order of priority the things I look for are
    1 Any interesting clothing, (not basic contempory ware) for Paul and Pauline
    2 The same for Dawn and Dusk
    3 Paul/Pauline characters
    4 Internal sci-fi/fantasy/steampunk scenes
    5 Sci-fi/fantasy/steampunk props, including vehicles, although not much for sci-fi
    6 Sci-fi/fantasy/steampunk clothing for other figures, but the more that is currently available for a figure the less likely I'm to buy, so it has to be something very special (or cheap)l to persuade me to buy stuff for V4
    7 Character sets, with the same proviso as above

  • I like to do animations so need a lot of sets. I own Terradome 2 and most of the add on for it. Also I have most of Dreamlands 81 city block system which provides for a nice late 50's early 60's look. If I have to I can get a fair amount of Medieval buildings that can be put together and look like they belong together. The ones I would like to find are future cities more along the lines of the Jetsons, Logan's Run or Star Trek TOS. Clean and well maintained, most future stuff appears to depict after the holocaust, although having textures to show decay would also be a great addition. Getting one or two small sets is nice but having a cohesive system like 81 city blocks makes it much easier to say to these shots would look great here instead of trying to force a set to function for everything and look forced. I like what is being done with the Star Gate project, however the big problem for me is that it is tied to a very specific story line and would be hard to use in a different context.

  • Hair for young kids. There are a few styles but most hair is styled for adults and even though it can be resized to fit the kids it doesn't look right on a five year old.

  • I prefer modern stylish and MODEST clothing for my ladies, and fantasy sci-fi clothing for my males. Androgynous sculptural design is great. I use my own original rigged figures, as well as Poser's default figures. I do also sometimes use 3rd-party figures and clothing, when they fall into my project genres.

  • If my real world wife where as high maintenance as Vicky Four is, I'd be a pauper. She has a wardrobe that defies description and is always hungry for more. There are some large gaps in her closets that need filling. A few ornate and bouffant wedding gowns would be quite welcome. She's been engaged to Mike for years but the lack of good gowns has kept her from walking down the aisle. I have/had the ridiculous idea of making some for her and even bought a few gowns off eBay (they cost almost nothing) to use as patterns and photograph the embroidery for textures. I'm a fan of those romantic, opulent styles that where so popular in the late 80's and early 90's.
    Vicky also needs....
    -lingerie. Not the skimpy stupid stuff that EVERYBODY makes, those long elegant peignoir sets and sheer covers (think Hollywood in the 40's and 50's). A lady can never have enough of those.
    -Indian Saree. Probably the sexiest outfit a lady can wear. The six months I spent working in Mumbai many years ago where pretty interesting for me.
    -Business suits both newer and older.
    -blouses and skirts. A variety of skirts that would provide a basis for others to make additional textures. Vicky also needs some fluffy blouses. Stuff with big sleeves, high collars, large bows and/or ruffles. A cowled neck and bodice is pretty nice too.
    -wedding gowns sigh. I fondly remember the 80's and 90's when brides wore acres of satin and lace. They had their hair piled up and topped the ensemble off with a tiara and a loooong, full veil replete with a blusher. What could be sexier? If you want to make such an item and need textures and designs?...just PM me, call me, email me, or throw a brick through my window with a note attached and we'll talk dirty.

  • I have been using Vicky4 as a female figure exclusively for years now. Her basic figure is not very tempting but the many morphs she has meanwhile make her very versatile. I would love to see more elegant clothes for her, especially from the 1950s and 1960s. It is literally impossible to find straight, basic dresses from the mid-sixties. I also desperately miss some sixties hairdo for her.
    Michael4 was always a bit neglected by the merchants. It is especially hard to find any tight-fitting suits that look elegant on him, maybe because he is way too muscular in his normal appearance. Would love to see more of that for him.

  • @3Dream said in [What kind of Poser products you enjoy/prefer to buy?]...

    If you use Poser, what kind of products you enjoy/prefer to buy?..

    I only regularly buy hair products for V4/M4. I usually model/morph everything else, myself, and will convert products by hand, from time to time, if I don't want to model something.

    I will sometimes buy skin texture sets for V4/M4, but only by artists who's quality I know and trust. Very few artists meet my expectations in that regard.

    I will sometimes buy very well done clothing from modelers who I know are skilled and produce good products. I do this as much to acknowledge their creation of a nice or difficult model as I do it for my own curiosity to examine what techniques they have used. :) I refrain, however, from buying clothing products that do not have built-in movement/correction/accessory morphs, since if I have to create those myself, I may as well just go ahead and model my own clothing of that type.

    I have purchased Merchant Resource texture sets (Never for human skin textures, only cloth/materials/hard-surface/etc), but very rarely. I do that to expand my library in areas where its deficient and so that I know the provenance and the licensing restrictions for the textures I use.

    I am starting to gain interest in purchasing complex scenes. Exterior "nature" scenes with lots of complex geometry and objects that would take me a long time to model, myself, are what I'm currently looking around for. I'm also considering buying some high quality interior scenes as well as some "complete house" products that exhibit a high degree of skill and excellent texture work. In regards to architecture, I am only interested in "period" pieces, Victorian, Edwardian, Empire, etc... Most "modern" architecture is boring to me.

    PS - I consider you to be on my personal "list" of preferred vendors. I've already bought some of your products and trust the quality of your work.

  • @3Dream Hey it's good to see you here.

    I've purchased probably a dozen or more of your hair models from Rendo and Daz. For the most part you understand what the customer wants/needs and have incorporated these things into a number of your hair models.

    • right/left flipped versions when hair is parted on one side/asymmetrical
    • multiple fit options for older characters (this can be an add-on that I pay for if I need it)
    • realistic hair textures without baked-in highlights or shadows (I want the render engine to do the highlights and shadows)
    • styling options when possible that make the hair more than a one trick pony.
    • pre-set styles in the pose library so that I don't have to fiddle for hours with the hair to get a good look.

    Hair that I avoid: Super long hair, hair that covers the front of the chest without an option for getting it out of the way.

  • @ghostship said in What kind of Poser products you enjoy/prefer to buy?:

    Hair that I avoid: Super long hair, hair that covers the front of the chest without an option for getting it out of the way.

    SAV's Lucia Hair ;-)

  • As much mundane real-world content as possible for V4/M4.

    • Womens' clothing where breast/buttock morphs stretch the fabric across, instead of that hideous shrink-wrap effect that's so difficult to remove
    • Simple, nonglamorous hairdos that people who can't afford salons have
    • For longer hair, weightmapping and/or gravity morphs and more specifically, "lie flat" morphs that spread hair out (very hard to find)
    • Natural light sets, both indoors and sunlight (i.e., aren't photographic shoots)
    • Casual clothing people in their 20s actually wear today, with the selection of open/close/undress/lift morphs 3D-Age is known for
    • Officewear more consistent with what the average office worker wears, with the same morph assortment mentioned above
    • Prop collections connected to a particular task, profession or setting (too often they're found in small numbers bundled in environments)
    • Complete homes with working windows/cabinet doors and individually propped appliances/plumbing, preferably older American homes
    • Cars the average person could afford to buy that aren't status symbols (I'm not really choosy about whether it's a real make/model or a convincing fictional one)
    • Shoes without high heels, like women usually wear
    • DSL router/Cable modem
    • Blu-Ray/DVD player with ejectable tray, Bose stereo speaker system
    • Metal shelving and wire storage racks with adjustable heights and number of shelves
    • Resealable plastic food containers
    • Modern place setting of dishware and silverware with a selection of texture maps
    • Morphing funnel
    • Contemporary children's clothing for K4 (or Lyrra's M4/V4 child morphs which amount to the same thing)
    • Water bottles that people in homes and offices use
    • Hospital room with the actual basic equipment found in one, not just a bed/saline drip/heart monitor/ominous fluorescent light

    And the hospital reminds me, I have seen very little content relating to infant care beyond crib/clothing/diapers:

    • baby car seats
    • folding strollers/carriages
    • breast pumps (manual with working hand grip, or mechanical) with bottles with storage caps/baby bottle caps
    • baby carriers
    • nursing bras with openable flaps (and also shirts designed for this purpose)
    • "Boppy" pillows

    I would be interested in any breed character-packs for Hivewire's upcoming housecat figure, preferably using any hair dynamics that look natural.

  • @3Dream I know you make hair and faces, 3Dream. I'd really like to see you add Dawn to the group of figures you make content for. If you already have, please point me towards them.

  • Now I recognize you!...I have a couple of your hairstyles for Vicky Fourpointtwo. How about some ornate updos? There are a million short styles that are almost indistinguishable from each other but few large, upswept styles for that formal look. Attached are some pictures as suggestions. Remember to add morphs for the buns to increase/decrease the size.
    And thanks for asking.

    1_1475432285801_Updos 02.jpg 0_1475432285800_Updos 01.jpg

  • @Bobb Ohhhh, I like that Brunette hairstyle on the left. I would buy something like that for sure.