Importing custom Ruler shapes

  • I would like to know how I can important and build my own custom ruler shapes.

    I know its possible because of Doug Hills custom rulers.

  • The rulers that Doug makes are saved as a .lip file. When you purchase the ruler sets, they open in a new canvas. What you would want to do with them at that point is open up the Materials Palette and click on the Manga Materials folder. Right Click and select Create New and make a new folder called Rulers or Drawing Reference or something.

    Then go to your Layers Palette and just drag the layer with the rulers on it directly into the Rulers Folder area. To use the Rulers again, just drag them from the Material folder onto your canvas and it will add them as a layer.


    To create your own custom rulers, create a new layer and select a ruler tool and draw the ruler.

  • I don't own Doug's ruler but from what you have explained. I would have to trace with the built in rulers the imported ruler every time I want to trace the custom ruler shape?

    I was hoping I could build my own shape ruler to than trace whenever I need it.

  • You would only have to make the ruler one time. Once you have the ruler made, drag the layer that the ruler is on onto the Materials Palette. The layer with the ruler on it will be kept in the Materials Palette for future use and re-use. When you want to use that ruler again, drag it from the Palette, onto the canvas. The ruler will appear on your canvas and it will stay in the Material Palette. You can use it on as many different canvases as you want.

  • I thought you wanted to know how to import Doug's rulers. If you want to import an image of a ruler and then make a ruler based on that image then open File>Import>Image. Use the ruler tools to trace the image. Save the ruler for future use by dragging the layer with the ruler onto the Materials Palette.

  • Ha. ok I will check that out.

    Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions in detail.

    Best wishes,

    • Raul