Imac 27 inch full screen only?

  • Total newbie here, I'm trying to have documents opened on the left side of my screen (ebooks, browsers, videos, tutorials) and have Clip Studio Paint opened on the right.

    Am I missing something or is Clip Studio Paint unable to run in windowed mode? I don't want to hide the toolbars, I just want to "shrink" the whole program just a little to the right so I can see and use my applications simultaneously.

  • Clip Studio Paint "anchors" the palettes to the side (left and/or right) and while you could have them floating (not anchored to the sides), you will lose some functionality, such as having palettes "share" the same space where clicking on the top tab of the palette switches to the palette whose name you clicked on. While not perfect, what you may want to try out is at the top part of the Palette "column" is a horizontal bar with triangles. Click on the triangle and the column will collapse and now have triangles pointing to the inside of the display. I use this feature a lot, esp. on my second screen, to look at Google Images or Pinterest for reference instead of or in addition to using the Subview palette (which allows you to keep a set of images "at the ready" to use for reference.

    Hope this helps, and welcome to Clip Studio paint!

  • For the time being I'm resizing the canvas window in order to create a gap between the palettes and canvas, it allows me to view my other applications behind it... It's weird that you can't just resize the whole window, palettes and all, a basic feature that should definitely be added in the next update!

    My screen is so big that there's lots of real estate but having the palettes locked on either side is annoying and moving them around as floating palettes is confusing and I don't feel like playing "where's that button again?"

    I can't be the only one that has an issue with this?

  • You could always just put your palettes on the command bar.

    0_1472917782871_command bar.jpg

    And you're probably not doing your inking and coloring and lettering at the same time so you can have an Inking Workspace, a Coloring Workspace, and a Lettering Workspace all with tools common for those activities occupying the Command Bars of those specific workspaces.

    On Windows 10, windowed mode works fine though.

  • @EagleOne said in Imac 27 inch full screen only?:

    It's weird that you can't just resize the whole window, palettes and all, a basic feature ...

    Are you talking about tearing the application off the full screen? Aren't you able to click and drag the title bar away from the top of the application? That reduces the application window to something you can move around and place anywhere on the screen. I'm not sure about Mac though.


  • First off, the basic interface between windows and MacOS is different, In Windows - everything is a window. In Macs, not so much.

    I have a 27" iMac, so I do understand the issue that the OP is having. And there's no simple answer, due mostly to how CSP's palettes work. The palette columns and the canvas are separate windows that work together. So maybe a good solution would be for EagleOne to create a set of palettes that you don't use often and put them on the LEFT side of the screen. (You could use the Materials, Subview and maybe the Navigator if you want). Then resize the column to be as wide as you need in order to see the other apps you're using. Save the workspace. Then click on the triangles at the top of the palette column and it'll collapse and you don't have to do any resizing. And the only new button you'll have to remember is the triangles at the top of the palette column.

    How I would do this:

    First I'd make the canvas as wide as I want it, so i could see the apps "below" CSP. Then I'd make a new palette and anchor it to the left side of the display.

    To move palettes to anchor to the left (or right) side all you need to do is click on the "tab" of the palette you want to move and drag it over to the side you want it to live. A vertical red bar will appear where the palette will be anchored. When you see that red bar, release your mouse. To resize it just click on the right side of the palette and you should see a double-headed arrow. Just drag it until it's as wide as you want it.

    Then (and it does bear repeating) I'd save the layout.

    Now when I start up CSP, I'll just make sure that the left palettes are "expanded", open my file -- which will be automatically resized to fit between the two palette columns. Then collapse the left palettes and Presto! Windows and palettes and a view!

    Best I could come up with.

    However, one thing you may want to explore is adding a second display. Since it'll be just for viewing videos and such, you can get a rather cheap one since color fidelity isn't a concern. And you'll need to get a mac Thunderbolt converter so you can plug it into the Thunderbolt port on the back of the iMac. The thunderbolt port can be used for video, that's how I'm able to use my YiNova graphic display tablet with my iMac. Having a 2nd display may take up a bit of room on your physical desktop, but it's worth it if you're using/referencing other apps while using CSP. I use my main display to have the Materials, Subview and Navigator palettes on the right and the AutoActions palette on the left and have the rest (and the canvas) on the Tablet Display (which I've configured to be the Main display -- so the command bar will be on that display and not on the iMac's display). If getting a 2nd display is out of the question for you, disregard this paragraph. :)

    Hope this provided some useable information for you, EagleOne.

  • @garlam You can't drag it off like other applications, I know it's weird...

  • @cartoonMike I have an iPad but it's just more convenient to look at one screen, like I said before I'm totally new to CSP and I'll give moving these palettes and clicking on triangles a go, I'll get familiar eventually but there is an obvious need to update that hiccup.

  • @EagleOne they're not triangles, my bad, more like chevrons or "<" and "<" (depending on which side of the screen they're on and if they're expanded or not). I'm lucky in the respect that I have a huge desk for the iMac, and it's on 2 sets of risers (one of which doubles as an USB hub) and my YiNova fits right under the iMac display, so I can watch tutorials by just rising my head. Ergonomic arrangement is so important if one's going to be doing long stints.... so I know what you're after and I hope my suggestions help rather than hinder.