New Marvelous Designer 6 out soon

  • I have been playing around last week a little with the Beta of Marvelous Dsigner 6. They run a closed Beta now, not a public one like they did for MD5.
    The announcement on their website gives the new functionality over MD5.The additions are very helpful to attain better detail: The buttons of course were long missing, and the 'steam' tool (not to be confused with the marketing platform wit the same name) allows to add local growth/shrinkage and so avoid artefacts at the end of darts without undue increase in mesh density.

    What I like most of it: it may be a beta but IT IS ROCK SOLID!!!!. I tend to be looking for limits in the functionality and push boundaries, Based on previous experience, this evening I did chosse a garment that is made from one piece. The simulation technique until now did not like self-intersections realy well.
    The basis pattern was shown as below and Bella was the target avatar.
    alt text

    While working I shamelessly modified Balenciaga's design by making the neck opening smaller and opening up the upper part of the centre front. This just turned out to fit better with Bella's rather busty appearance. I kept the buttons in the lower bit, leading to a sort of cape-like closure over the shoulders. The idea is the horizontal joint between the lower bodice and the upper chest is (press) buttoned closure which can be opened to change style and show off cleavage.

    This is where I am now.



    MD6 proved stable and chewed all my actions without compliant.
    Just not sure if the Poser cloth room will be able to handle the result.

  • MD is quite a fantastic bit of designing software. I just find the price a bit too steep for my budget and purpose.

  • @ibr_remote I thought the price was stteep and I don't like their subscription program. Once I buy software, I want it to be mine, not just until time runs out. I'm making an exception for Poser on that score, but I do need to ask a question about that.

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    I am still struggling if I should subscribe or not.Find it expensive just for private using and i will never own it. I hate anyway this new subscribe stuff. Substance is the only software I do it so far. Even my beloved Adobe I stick with the older version. And switch slowly to Corel PSP.

  • @Ladonna @eclark1849 @ibr_remote
    Pricing is a concern indeed.
    They mentioned a 'pay as you go' type subscription but it has not materialized yet.

    On the other hand: Perpetual licenses for MD are USD 550.-, ballpark same as for Phososhop CS6. Poser Pro 11 with USD 400.-, full price is not cheap either, but regular special deals offered.
    The pricing structure for MD had various versions over time, including low-cost schemes limited to private use only. Who knows what the future will bring.

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    @F_Verbaas Yes, how I say, I am still struggling. Would like to have it. Looks like fun. The other hand is, you save money because not so much cloths are needed to buy.

  • @F_Verbaas To be honest, I haven't paid full price for Poser since version 2, and that was my first time buying it. Even then, it was only around $200-300 if I recall correctly. Every other version of Poser I own, I skipped versions 3 and 5, have been upgrades, so Poser is very affordable for me.

  • @eclark1849
    Same for me. I purchased Poser 5, skipped 6, and lived on upgrades since.
    I am looking at VirtualWorldDynamics. They may be changing the game at least for the end simulations.

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    Tango ! ! ! ! !

    Reads as : WHAT ! ! ! ! ! !

    550 USD? ? ? ? ? For MD?

    Anim8or, Wings and Blender are all free. . . . . . ., and each can do a TON plus taxes more.

    One must be ba-na-nas, o-ran-ges, and to-ma-tos (including peppers) to spend that kind of money on MD alone. LOL.

    IF, and I say, "IF" in capitals, I would spend in that region, it would certainly go to the "Brushes of Z".
    Oh yeah baby.

    At least, I hope everything, including the buttons are properly grouped AND welded, or THEY would have to pay ME for every minute spend.

  • @eclark1849 $200-$300 of 1997 money.

  • Marvelous Designer is by far one of the best investments I've done (even if I'm using the old MD2, haha).

    And, one thing about it -- it NEVER EVER ONCE CRASHED ON ME, and I NEVER LOST ANY WORK ON IT.

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    @vilters hmm Tony. I see this a bit different. Sure I could model in my Modeler (LW ,3DSMax) outfits too. Refine in Zbrush. But MD is less time consuming . And for own usage, I don't care much about 100 % perfection.
    I love Dynamic cloth and with MD I can create less time consuming ( at last I think so , lol) outfits where in the modeler I pass over because to much hassle for just one image .
    You see, I use Substance painter, Designer. The same work I did before with Photoshop and my Camera. But Substance is more easy and less time consuming.

  • I've used MD 2, so I can speak a little about the MD experience. The current paid versions are somewhat over-powered for me, because they can actually output clothing drafts for actual clothing manufacturing or tailoring assembly in the real world. And that's why it costs an arm and a leg. However, there is a plug-in which does give Blender similar capability to create clothing, but not to output it as a form of tailor's drafts.

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    Oh, I am sure MD can do nice things.
    The problem with apps like these is that the output is not always Poser compatible and you spend more time "repairing", then you gained creating.

    Poser needs are simple:
    You need a properly grouped AND welded object file.
    Few apps are capable of that.

    And then a customer buys your product;, takes it through the fitting room, and all kinds of things start flying around because they are :
    a) not properly grouped
    b) not properly welded

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    @vilters Tony, did I not say it is not for to sell outfit? It is just for my own.
    And I already buy a few outfits which was done in MD. They are pretty nice ;)

  • @ibr_remote I knew Blender had a new feature to allow it to act more like MD as far as creating clothes, even though I was never able to get it to operate properly, but it has an add-on? Link please?

  • @eclark1849 Here is a video about the feature - has it become standard provision with the new Blender builds, I wonder ?

    And this one starts from the sewing draft patterns ( probably much simplified) :-

    I also just found this one (first time seeing it):-

  • @ibr_remote Thanks for those links, as the one thing I've never been able to model in Blender is clothing.

  • MD is great for what it does. Their pricing and licensing model sucks monkey balls though. I picked up version 5.5 last month, looking forward to the free upgrade to 6 and (hopefully) no more of those pesky startup warnings about my operating system not being supported. :) I need a new PC though anyway (not to get rid of the warning - it'd still be there). My beast of a machine is more a house cat by today's standards. Sims run at like 12 frames a second for me. Running an original i7 with a Quadro FX K4000 card. Got to get with the times.

  • @Teyon
    MD6 no longer gives the OS warning.
    And: agreed about pricing.
    Their perspective is digital prototyping in the clothing industry. The hobby users market seems to strike them as not attractive. What they need there is competition. I am not sure what the price of Poser would have been if Poser were still the only one providing this sort of functionality at a practical working level and at excellent stability.