Editing Materials Search Tags

  • There's either a big or my materials database got messed up and a lot of my materials have multiple wrong search tags that got copied into the properties window. Tried to clean them up but there doesn't seem to be any way to delete search tags. Is anyone able to edit or delete search tags in their materials properties?

  • The way to remove a tag is to have it unselected in each material that shares it.

    If you select a root folder (3D, for example), you will see every tag that is used by materials within that root folder. Even if you select a material from the list and check it's Material Property you will see every tag that is available within the folder that the material occupies.

    Here you can see that Housing is one of the tags available within the 3D folder.

    The further you go into the folder, (3D/Background for example), the tags get more specific.

    Housing is a tag that is still available in this folder but many of the tags, such as Character and Pose, are gone.

    Going further into the folder (3D/Background/Housing), you will see all of the tags that are used within that folder. In the original installation of CSP, I think there are 4 materials in Housing and there is a tag that is shared by those materials (Housing). If you double clicked each of those materials to open the Materials Property and you deselected the Housing tag, it would disappear from the Material Property entirely.

    In this screenshot you can see that Housing is selected but Interior isn't. One of the other Materials within this folder is using the Interior tag so it can't be "deleted" unless I find that material with the Interior tag and deselect the Interior tag within the Material Property.

  • @garlam Thanks! I think I've sorted it out with your help.