Screen tones dissapearing

  • Help, I'm accidentally deleting tones from Manga Studio completely when I just want to delete a layer I'm using those tones on. Will I have to re download the files from somewhere to get them back?

  • Screen Tones require the layer they are on. You can't delete a Tone Layer and expect to keep the Tone on the canvas. You won't need to re-download a Screen Tone. They are made using the Tone Effect Button, the New Tone Button, or the New Layer>Tone option.. There are Screen Tone Materials but they aren't needed.

    To make a Scree Tone using the Tone Effect button, paint a gray tone on a layer and click the Tone Effect button on the Layer Property Palette.

    To make a Screen Tone using the Selectin Launcher, make a Selection and click the New Tone button on the Selection Launcher.


    To make a Tone Layer, go to Layer>New Layer>Tone.

  • I mean the ones that come pre-installed. After I deleted the layer I could not find them again in the tone folder

  • Are you using CSP, MS5, or MS4?

    The Tone Materials in MS5 and CSP are nothing more than Tone Layers (unless you're talking about the image tones - like cross hatching tones). The Tone Layer Materials are worthless as far as I can tell. To use them, you make a selection on your canvas then drag one onto the canvas. You can do the same thing by clicking the New Tone button on the Selection Launcher. You just need to fill in your values (Density, Number Of Lines, and so on).

    If you're deleting the cross hatching tones; those are tiling image files. You can download the Materials from the Celsys site - (you can even download the Tone Layer Material but - why bother).

  • Thank you! (and it's MS5)

  • If you're using MS5, the Clip Studio Paint Materials won't work (they install to folders called Paint). You would need to download the files from Smith Micro or update your MS5 installation to CSP. It's free. To do that, download the CSP ver. 1.5.4 trial version at the link I posted above. Enter your MS5 serial number to activate it.