IES Lights and Poser/Superfly/Cycles

  • @ghostship said in IES Lights and Poser/Superfly/Cycles:

    @jura11 brightly lit scenes with either poser lights or a combo with the envirosphere render pretty decent. The noise problem only gets bad when using indirect light to light up an interior or when light sources are small compared to the area they light.

    Hi there

    This depends,interior scene in my case is very easy,if you want to use only one sun or infinite light and yours interior is closed,you can run to issues as will be dark and there what would help is ISO exposure control

    I sometimes use as shrvrdavid pointed out,this work for me too and sometimes I use too several lights,i will post renders later on which has been done in SF

    Second bit,literally I would jump if SM would add ISO exposure control to camera and if they added mesh lights too

    Hope this helps