Your Web Comic Made in Clip Studio a.k.a. Manga Studio

  • I'd like to see here examples of what others have done using this software to make web comics. One or two pages each. If I like what I see, I might subscribe viva RSS feed. Please no linking to the web comic's site because I doubt this forum's moderators would like that. I'm sure by title I should be able to Google the comic to find it's official site. Also please present nothing for adult audience that's visually inappropriate in case of younger viewers seeing this.

  • Mine are on TheOldMan Tapastic.
    IF you google that it will get you there.

  • Ah, I'll give it a look.
    ... Can images be posted in this forum? I know from another thread video can.

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    Images can be posted here, I will post a couple pages tomorrow as I am not on my work machine at t he moment.

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    As promised here are my two sample pages. One for a freelance application and was specific on subject matter and the other a fan-fiction story.

    The first was a learning experience. I imported the CPS file into Photoshop and replaced the images with the color renders from Poser ... the second imported directly from Poser. The second even had an experiment with rendering a "background" image in comicbook mode inside of Poser. For this panel (the profile) it worked effectively. I'm sure it wouldn't always do so.



  • @Boni - it's me from the FaceBook universe - ha ha ! I didn't know that content could be imported directly from Poser.

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    Let me rephrase that. The RENDERED images were imported. BUT I know there is a way to import the figures as well. Have not tried that ... since the renders work so well.

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    By the way I've been downloading your clothing for Pauline from sharecg for the past half hour!! Great stuff!!

  • My comic is called "Monster Soup." I made the switch from Paint Tool SAI/Photoshop to Manga Studio 5 not long after the program was released by Smith Micro. (I had been watching the Japanese version for a long time, and patiently waiting for its English release.) And now it has allowed me to work within on art program, rather than switching between two. The first image here is the very first page I completed in MS5. The second image is one of the most recent.



  • @Boni Ah, ok. So just rendered images from Poser, imported into CSP. Understood.

  • @Boni Thank you ! I hope they work for your scenes. Increase the subdivision level for some of the items, so they will look better in your final renders.

  • The posted examples, that's what I wanted to see :-).
    How others threat the program in showing their styles, what *it ( *Manga Studio) can produce. ( That and wanting to get introduced to maybe a new good read. ) Anyway the lesson about Poser was a nice one! Thank goodness I can use that software title too.