Pencil Drawing Sound Effects

  • Hi, I just started using Clip Studio Pro and was looking at this basic tutorial on youtube.

    I notice when the user is sketching on the canvas, there are sound effects of the brushes, pencil, or markers as he sketch. I don't get these sound effects when I'm sketching. I checked the Preferences but there's no option to turn them on.

    How can I enable these sound effects?


  • @Twister1996 I've been using the software for months and haven't heard that go on while I'm working. Odds are it's just added sound effects for the film :-/.

  • I find it hard to believe that the sound effects were added by the user in a video editing program. First, it would take a long time to do that, and second, the sound effects seems to match the stroke pressure precisely.

    I would like these sound effects included as it can help determine the amount of pressure of each strokes when using a pen tablet.

  • the sound effects are just the sound of his stylus on tablet. You can hear cars in the background so the mic was on when this was recorded.

  • Yah, I was thinking that too. I couldn't find any option to turn on the sound within CSP.

    This would be a good idea for Smith Micro developers to include into future versions. It would be helpful to hear the sound of the spray paint and marker. Not just for aesthetics but giving off cues to the pressure level.