Poser 11 and the iMac Retina

  • I installed SR5 on my iMac Retina (mid 2015 build) and found I could not select any tool with the mouse. I have mentioned this before, but assumed it was a general SR5 bug - but no-one else has reported it. I removed Poser, reinstalled and tried again, more than once. Couldn't get Poser 11 to work properly with the SR5 upgrade.

    Someone else had mentioned the Retina having problems, so yesterday I installed Poser on an old (2009) MacBook and applied SR5. Poser 11 is naturally rather sluggish on such an old laptop, but everything worked as it should.

    Question - who else here has an iMac Retina and is having problems with SR5? I have contacted Support but would like to know if I am alone with my problem ...

  • @A_Sunbeam You're not alone.

    There are a couple of other threads around here making note of problems with SR5 and Macs. The ones I've experienced (iMac Retina Mid-2015) haven't been show-stopping faults, but they sure have been annoying. I've had to adapt to no longer using one feature of Poser (the Area Render tool) and just learning to deal with others ("menu jumping" and dialogue windows appearing in weird areas as well as weird "snap-back/rubber band" effects if a material node is offscreen) until they hopefully fix these things.

    I contacted support and though it was a frustrating experience for me they did file a bug report.

    I had made a couple of screencap videos and had posted them here (because apparently Support doesn't have access to YouTube), but I have since taken them down.

    I'm still loving Poser, but geez... I don't know what the heck happened with this latest update. The ones prior to SR5 have been awesome.

  • Fwiw, I am running on a Retina MacBook Pro without issue, although I am using an external monitor. I did see issues with multiple monitors in P11 where the color selection tool does not work on the secondary monitor, but nothing like what you are describing. I do agree that SR5 seems buggy. Super fly renders changed, such that I was forced to alter materials.

  • Not to do with Macs per se, but keep in mind that you could have a conflict with another program that shows up as the issue you are having. A while back I thought the #1 key on the number pad of my PC had died. I bought another keyboard to fix the issue, it didn't. Turned out to be a small program that I was running to keep track of my internet usage (since I was on a metered connection). Removed that program and the computer started to work correctly. The strange thing was the program had nothing to do with the keyboard, didn't have any hotkeys, didn't monitor keystrokes etc.

  • @richard60 While this may be a very valid possibility, I have to note that given that the issues for Mac/Retina users don't seem to have appeared until SR5, that puts the suspicion on SR5 itself as being the cause of at least some of the issues. I can't speak for others, but I am not running any different programs in the background than I did between Poser's initial release in November 2015, through all subsequent Service Releases, till now. These problems began to occur immediately after installing SR5.

  • WRT Mac Retina issues in SR5 in particular, one thing that SR5 did (it's in the ReadMe) is to enable full Retina resolution in Poser's UI- previous revisions had defaulted to using the 'Open in Low Resolution' option (you can Get Info on the app and check.)
    If this introduces issues, the thing to do is to, if possible, get a screencap of what the problem looks like- where you're clicking versus where things are happening, for example- then note down your Retina display's resolution and any non-default settings you're using for text scaling, etc., and drop a line to tech support.

  • @cgerbode Happy to have the high-res Retina support!

    Speaking of that new ability... Somewhere in another thread here someone described how to use Terminal to enable Retina support in SR4, so I gave it a shot. When I tried it, it seemed like Poser didn't "understand" where things were located on the screen anymore. Some of these issues with SR5 seem similar.

    I sent my system specs and resolution to support, as well as screen shots, and screencap video.

  • @cgerbode said in Poser 11 and the iMac Retina:

    WRT Mac Retina issues in SR5 in particular, one thing that SR5 did (it's in the ReadMe) is to enable full Retina resolution in Poser's UI- previous revisions had defaulted to using the 'Open in Low Resolution' option

    After extensive testing the problem appears to be related to the setting for Resolution. Up till SR5 the setting was to open in Low Resolution (and you couldn't change it). After SR5 you can change the resolution to High by deselecting Low (see Info tab). And this is where the bugs start; the problems I found with the selection tools etc only occur in High. Reset to 'Low' and Poser 11 SR5 responds properly. Note that this applies in Yosemite. I haven't checked El Capitan.

  • Makes sense that the problem goes away if you switch to low-res mode, yeah. One thing that'd be interesting to know- are you running 11 Pro or just P11? And, are you using Poser's UI scaling at all?

  • @cgerbode
    Poser11 Pro, and what's UI scaling?
    Latest check - on OS Sierra (GM), everything works in High Res and looks good.

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  • @A_Sunbeam - in Poser's preferences, click the Interface tab and down in the lower left you'll see a number field for UI scaling- it defaults to 1 but you can enter a larger number to 'zoom in', which helps on a big Retina display with fifty-plus-year-old eyes. Does require relaunching Poser to see the change.

  • ... All of which suggests that you're running at the default 1.0 ;-)

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