Graphic Novel advise?

  • Hello, I'm currently sketching , inking, coloring everything the first issue for a 3 volume graphic novel. This will be my first time making one. Any advise? Like size and format U.S. American comic? Page management advise? Quicker work flow advise?

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  • Doug Hills does a great set of videos...This one
    shows you how to set up a US Comic page

  • If you plan to self publish, there really isn't a standard size you need to follow. You can print at almost any size you wish. Check out printer websites to see what they have to offer. Print Ninja provides a Cost Estimate Calculator that will give a good ballpark for how much everything will cost you.

    If you plan to shop your story around to US comic publishers, you should stick to the sizes that they use.

  • @garlam the writer and I are shopping for publishing actually. I want to use the manager for Western style comic so in 3D I can check the pages to fit right and in order.

  • If you're shopping for a publisher then follow the link 888toto gave you. All the major publishers have slight differences in sizes but Doug gives the most standard dimensions.

    As far as page management goes, it can be a little much to make a 125 page Story file. And if you plan on shopping the comic around, you should plan on having it split into single issues anyway so it's a good idea to work in 22 - 32 page blocks.

    Organizationally, I would suggest keeping your line art, coloring, and lettering in separate folders. Work your line art on a canvas that is 600ppi at print size. If you follow Doug's example, I think he makes his canvas at art board size, so you would use 450ppi at art board size. You can always export the line art at the resolution given by the publisher when you find one. When you're done the line art, export a Duotone TIFF file at the resolution specified by the publisher.

    The color file should be exported at 300ppi. You may prefer to work on your coloring at 300ppi and if you do, you may want to export the line art .lip file to another folder (so you have a copy of the working line art file at the higher resolution) then lower the resolution of your working document and make your line art monochrome (you could even merge all of your line art layers to a single layer) to color.

    Hold off on exporting the color file until you've found a publisher. It needs to be exported at the CMYK color profile used by the printer. The publisher will tell you what profile to use.

  • @garlam Late to the party here, but thank you for this bit of information. I was skimming for this kind of info, and it was exactly what I was looking for as a starting point.

    Much appreciated.