Can you save a prop with a Poser light parented to it?

  • And assuming you can, where do you save it? In the Props library or Lights library?

  • @eclark1849

    I would say: prepare an empty scene, load your prop and your light(s).
    Then, activate the "Scenes" tab of your lib manager, click on the "+" sign.

    Then, whenever you need your special object, select your scene, and click on the "VV" sign.

  • @Y-Phil Hmm, I'm not sure that's an optimal solution... but at least it is one. Thank you.

  • @eclark1849

    A light is not a prop, except if it's a prop generating some light.
    As Poser differentiates both types of objects, I don't know how to avoid this.

  • In P11 Pro you can export a partial scene. Select the prop, the light, and the shadow camera in the pick list, and then save it.

    It saves as a PZ3 and then you can add it to any scene you want.

  • @Y-Phil The prop I'm thinking of would be light based objects like a street light, a flashlight, a spot light, a candle, a lamp. etc. After thinking about it, and realizing that I'd probably have to put together some atmospherics, a scene would probably be the ideal way to do it.

  • @eclark1849

    Atmospherics? are you speaking of the atmosphere node of the material room? not sure it's added to the current scene.

  • As to linking lights to objects, yes you can. When assigning a light to a prop if you then go to save that prop the light doesn't show up in the subset dialog. You can't 'directly' link a light to a prop. You CAN link a light to an actor. So, the process is:

    Load your prop.
    Load your light and set it where you want it in relation to the prop.
    In the hierarchy box, parent the light to the prop. You may need to ensure the lights are visible in the list, as that checkbox is often un-ticked.
    Select the prop and open the set-up room. You get a warning that you will convert the item to a figure. Click OK.
    Exit the set up room. You'll get another warning telling you you have un-grouped poly's not linked to a bone. Click OK.
    An object called 'figure 1' appears. Save that to your figures/characters library.
    Load it into your scene... the light is attached.
    BTW, atmospherics are a product of environment and form no part of a 'light'. If you want to define a volume to contain your atmospherics as a part of the prop, that's just another grouped primitive. No harder than linking any other primitives...

  • @Y-Phil I just did a tutorial on atmospherics. The node is how you turn atmospherics on for the scene.