Disappearing 3D Models

  • So I've been having an odd problem with the 3D models disappearing and there is no way for me to bring them back. I wasn't sure if this is an issue with my install/materials or if this is a bug in general.

    A new file will work for a while then start not working. It may have a saving problem too but I can't be sure.

    If the model is visible and I try editing features it will disappear as if I made the layer or model invisible.

  • It could be that model is shooting out of camera view. To make sure that the model is still there, check the Tool Palette. It lists all of the object on the selected layer (use the Object tool when you select the 3D layer). If the object is there, select it in the Tool Palette and click the Focus button on the Palette or on the menu bar on the canvas.


  • Thank you for the reply! I thought of that already. What's odd about it is that just turning off or on the lighting will make the model disappear.

  • Is this a model that you imported? Does it have a material file? You could try to put an outline around the object to see it without Lighting. But it will be just an outline silhouette.

  • it could be graphics card related. I had a similar issue on my mac. I'm using integrated graphics (its old), but i switch to nvidia when i need to use the models. If i don't, the models will disappear or they won't be able to be manipulated at all.

  • @garlam No I didn't import any models. This is the male model that comes with the program and there are no materials on the model.

    @mysticsphere I have an nvidia 970m so I'm not too worried about it being the graphics card. Though that sounds like what my issue. Other than new files work fine just old files (like using it for a few hours) start having issues.