Unable to delete/replace pages that have cover page in the layout?

  • How can I delete or replace pages from story layout that keeps giving me the error sign? I select the page to be deleted again but the same error message pops up. See below. Thanks in advance :)

    0_1473823246942_Screenshot 2016-09-13 23.18.57.png

  • You'll have to delete two pages. The cover pages are two pages and can't be done with odd numbered pages.

  • Also, I notice your page layout is right to left. Unless you're working on a manga, you may want to change that. Go to Story>Change Basic Work Settings and make the multiple pages Bind on the Left.

  • Thank you so much for this
    I guess I'm able to later add back in the cover when it comes time to submit?

  • You can add the covers in at any time. Go to the Change Basic Work Settings and you can uncheck Cover to remove and check it later to add the Cover back. But you can keep the cover there and leave it blank until you're ready to make the cover.
    Ultimately, unless you're exporting to Kindle or EPUB, you'll be exporting the project pages as TIFF, PNG, Targa, jpeg, BMP,or PSD. When you export to these formats, you'll have files that are numbered sequentially (name_001,name_002, name_003...). So you could still just work on interior pages and export them separate from your covers. Work on your covers in a different file and export them as name_front_cover, name_back_cover. Then assemble your pages and covers in a page layout program for export to PDF.