widget for textures?

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    I would love to have the ball/in-a-ball/pedestal prop ... where is that available?

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    Heads up ... I was looking up Blinder Cycles tutorials. Found a site, blendercylces. tut and it brought up a hijack pop up pretending to be Microsoft taking over your computer! Please avoid that site. I had to reboot my system and do a scan to make sure nothing was downloaded.

  • @bagginsbill I would agree. I didn't mean that the product he had for sale was bad, just not for me.

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    Sorry I can't find where I got the ball in a ball.

    I did find zip files. Some have DarkEdge in the geometry path so I suppose it came from DarkEdge(Design).

    The download dates are all in August 2015. Variations came that were different size, had different UVs, and one had bubbles. The files are called ShaderBall.zip, ShaderBall_UV2.zip, ShaderBallSmaller.zip, and ShaderBallBubbles.zip.

    I have searched RDNA, Rendo, CGBytes, and none come up with useful search results for shader ball, bubbles, etc. I hate most of the sites we have to use. They absolutely suck at searching.


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    @bagginsbill thank you for trying. I keep up my search. It is a great test prop. I was wondering if you would mind if I took your'prop into zbrush and remeshed it? Only because of the stretches it has in Superfly renders.

  • this forum post popped up with a search for "shaderball."


  • file is downloadable and imports as an FBX file.

  • @ghostship I saw that earlier when I was trying a search, but didn't get it because I didn't think Poser could import the FBX format. I know Blender can, but don't know of any other non-modelling software that can. Am I wrong?

  • OK, I just went back to try and download the FBX file, and I was able to get to the site where the download link is, but when I clicked on it, my Firefox refused to let me download it, because the supposed site where it's located "isn't configured properly".

    Not sure what that's all about.

  • a rendered image of it in Poser


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    @Miss-B Hmm. I just downloaded it, imported it and saved it as a prop. Sooooo. If you go to the dropbox version? 1.1 rather than the 2.0. That's what I used if that helps.

  • @Boni I'll try that and see, as I use DropBox all the time.

  • @ghostship Ohhhh, shiney. ~grin~

  • The ball imports as four separate props. Would be better as one prop with four mat zones. I don't have the skills to do that.

  • @Boni Well I was able to download ver. 1 from DropBox easily enough, so I tried the ver. 2 link again with no luck in Firefox, BUT, just out of curiosity, I tried the ver. 2 link in Opera, and was able to download it there.

    Firefox said it was a Certificate problem, so maybe the site's Certificate(s) aren't up-to-date. I think they have to be updated every so often, though not sure whether it's yearly, every 2 years, or more.

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    It came in as grouping. I saved it as a prop saving just the outer and inner balls with the base and not ticking the floor, that worked for me. Thank you so much for finding this.

  • @Boni Thanks Boni, got that sorted out!

  • @Boni OK, I haven't opened it as yet, but I'll make a note of this.

    Thanks for giving me a hint on how to download it. ~smile~

  • @Miss-B said in widget for textures?:

    @ghostship I saw that earlier when I was trying a search, but didn't get it because I didn't think Poser could import the FBX format. I know Blender can, but don't know of any other non-modelling software that can. Am I wrong?

    OK, I just realized something. I checked P9 earlier, and it doesn't import FBX, but I just opened PP11, and it does, so I'm going to try importing it now.

    I had tried to import into Blender, as it does import FBX, but both times it froze up my computer, and I had to "pull the plug" and reboot.

    The ver. 2 file is over 8 MB, and I'm not sure if that's why Blender choked. Going to keep my fingers crossed it imports directly into PP11 without a problem.

  • OK Boni and Ghostship. For whatever reason, the ver. 2 FBX file doesn't want to import, but the ver. 1 FBX imported with no problem.

    From an earlier post by one of you, the only things I should be selecting for saving as a prop are the Shader_Ball, Ball, Inner_Ball and Base. I remember one of you mentioned NOT selecting the Floor, and I'm assuming the RootNode, myOctaneSettings and Sky aren't needed either.

    Oh and the ver. 1 FBX is only 1.5mb, while the ver. 2 FBX is 9.5mb, so that must be why I was having such a problem trying to import it into Blender earlier.