widget for textures?

  • I don't know what they call this kind of model so I'm calling it a texture widget. You see them in renders from blender, etc to show off the shaders. Is there an official widget for Poser Superfly? Would be very cool and handy. I don't have any modeling skills or I'd make one myself.

  • I use the Blender one... don't remember where I got if from, but it's just an .obj. Several are available for download, from memory. BB also has one on his site, from memory.

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    Mine isn't UV mapped and would be difficult to do so in a sensible way. My goal was more about how surfaces and volumes behave, less so about patterns laid out on the surface. So I designed it to have a roughly spherical part, a very narrow neck, a cylindrical part with a flat top that would show sky reflections, and a cubish part with rounded corners and edges. These various curves and flats, fats and narrows, are carefully laid out so that you get a large variety of information from one image.


    Most others are usually a sphere on a sculpted pedestal, and these are very nice. I like and use both kinds. Sombody (sorry I can't remember who) created a new one for and in honor of Poser 11 and SuperFly so we'd have our own.

    0_1474030376865_scratched metal.jpg

    I can't remember where to get it though.

    For subsurface testing I also like to use a stack of boxes with varying depth.

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    You can get my material pawn here:

    BB's MatPawn

  • Always wondered about that widget. Where did it come from, and why does everyone use pretty much the same thing? Does it have a name?

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    @bagginsbill I was about to send a rescue party out for you. Haven't seen you around for a while. Got a question for you. Have you seen the Shader sets for Superfly that VinceBagna is selling at DAZ? If so opinions please. It Looks amazing, but that is a first impression.

  • @Boni Hey Boni,

    I saw those yesterday. Not impressed because I can do most of that with my free shader.

  • @ghostship You have a free SuperFly shader available? Did I miss a link to it in a post here on the forum?

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    In my Like -ignorance I was impressed with some of them. LIke the suplimental bumps that can be added to an already existing shader without auto-delete shader already there. Ocean water, beer and coffee impressed me a little and the bump options. But I kept thinkig we can do that without spending $26 ... care to share?

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    Just downloaded it before you even got this up, didn't realize it was the same thing. Fantastic. Thank you.

  • I just updated the shader with the car paint variation and one with an input for metal colors

  • @Boni It's pretty easy to use. If you get stuck just holler.

  • Here is the car paint version of my shader.

    0_1474075781543_Car paint red.jpg

  • more textures from the same shader


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    I ... looked at this and feel like a total noobe ... how do I create specific shaders? and ... save them? AND well, I'm sorry for my ignorance, but wow, it's intricate and to be honest, I am totally lost. Don't get me wrong, I see the power and potential in this ... I am just lost.

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    Ok, don't open the compound and it isn't so scary. But finding paint, metal etc. seems to be a hit or miss. IS there a "guide" for this wonderful tool.

  • @Boni HEy Boni

    There isn't a guide. It functions kind of like a limited root node. You should not have to open up and mess with anything inside the main node.
    I uploaded a new version and a couple of alternate versions so you might want to check those out. There is a version with a node that has metal colors built in. Metal is 100% glossy so you need to turn reflectiveness ( I could have chosen a better word there) up to 1. Plug in one of the metal colors into the glossy color port. Choose how rough the metal will look by entering in a roughness value between 0 and 1. That is it for metals. You can see in my image that the copper pawn is a little rougher than the gold one, and the black pawn is rougher than the blue pawn. Roughness controls that. Dielectrics (non metals) you will leave the glossy at 0. Same thing with the roughness, set to how rough you want that to be. You can plug in texture and bump maps into the ports and use the shader like you would for anything else like that. Just keep in mind that at 0 roughness everything will have a glossy sheen to it lie the blue pawn in my image. Just dial in the proper roughness for the material you are trying to simulate.

    here is a good resource for PBR materials.


    The car paint version is set up for shiny metallic car paint colors and all you need to do is plug in the color you want to the glossy port and you are done. If you want a non-metalic car paint color you could use the standard shader or plug the color into the diffuse color port and turn glossy to 0. The car paint shader has a second layer that is just transparent glossy like the top coat on a paint job.

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    Thank you so much. I will look into this.

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    I also should say this:

    Inside the main node all that stuff is in there to take care of the physical part of the shader. It uses fresnel and the fresnel amount is modulated by bump and roughness like it would be in the real world. I made this thing by watching Blender tutes. You should have another watch of that Blender tutorial by Blender Guru if you want to have a better explanation about this stuff. BB could explain it better than I could as well.