Conforming selection wish...

  • If your figure is wearing conforming clothes, it's difficult to pose the underlying figure because every time you click on the figure you will probably get the clothes, not the underlying parent. For example, a hand covered by a glove is tedious to pose.

    Wish: A Display Menu check item "Parent Select". This forces any mouse select to automagically bubble down to the parent.

  • @tburzio
    I understand, but in the mean time, you have the option to right-click on your target and select the item of your choice.
    Or you could even hide the cloth for the time you're being posing the figure itself.

  • Poser Ambassadors

    Either right click and select from the menu there, or hover the mouse in the general area and look for the color change of the groups outlines, and select when the correct group is outlined.

  • Yes, I understand you could select each individually, but in the midst of posing a figure, this is extraordinarily annoying, especially since the computer knows full well that I have no intention of posing an item that is conformed.

    I said it was a wish, something that annoys the heck out of me in the decades I've been using this program... :-)

  • At least one third party plug in, I believe it's Shaderworks Advanced Figure Manager, allows you to hide all conforming items on a figure by clicking an arrow. Pose away then turn them back on. Doesn't work on dynamics though.

    edit: I should mention it includes a handy Actors panel allowing you to click body parts directly. I couldn't live with out it.

  • Personally, I'm using the hierarchy manager: it's always displayed and I hide the items I don't want to see with one click.
    Where there's a lot of things, such as a room and the furniture, I'm grouping them, to play hide'n'seek easily.

  • Not a bad work-around, but I'm still gonna hang on to the wish to have auto figure tunneling (AFT (tm)) :-) An advantage would be if the hand inside the glove was invisible (common), the AFT would correctly find an invisible hand part after clicking on the conformed glove... :-) :-)

  • For example, pressing the Shift key while clicking could force Poser's automatic search to focus only on the currently selected figure.

  • Couldn't get that to work on the Mac.