Poser Hangs on Render When Using the included D3D Firefly script (Includes fix)

  • When I use the D3D Firefly Rendering script, which can also be used to render in other modes, and set it to render using Firefly and to render in the Background, Poser will hang as soon as it finishes the importing geometries and tries to render shadows or anything else related to lighting.

    However, this only happens on the first render of any session. If I, instead, start Poser and just run a simple Firefly Render using Poser's native Render menu functions, then D3D's script will NOT cause Poser to hang and it will operate normally. That regular Poser-default render does not have to complete, either, it just has to go so far as calculating lighting conditions.

    Somewhere, I think that something is preventing the script from knowing how to calculate lighting for Poser. But, when I do a render using the native method, this generates a cache or otherwise clears whatever the obstacle is for the D3D script.

    This only began happening after the latest patch, when fixes were made for Background rendering for Superfly, so maybe there's a connection.

    Notes: System is fine, runtime installed into a separate directory, latest patch applied and I deleted my config files, manually, and regenerated them. The only caveat is that doing so reset Poser to use external binary morph targets and I didn't notice that until I began debugging this issue. I have since cleared up all those .pmd files and regenerated anything created with them as well as having unchecked that option. But, the rendering issue with D3D script, doing the first render of a session, in the background for a Firefly render still exists. At least I have a temp fix for it, unless someone can offer further insight.

  • Have you tried submitting to Tech Support ? Perhaps they need to look into it ?

  • No, I haven't yet contacted them. I was hoping to get some easy feedback, here. I've never directly contacted SM Tech support or any Poser tech support for as long as I've used the product. Forum posts have always solved my issues, so I just "went with what I knew." :)

    Another bug, may be related:

    The Render Pane doesn't retain its history of previous renders properly. Instead, the "Recent Render" drop-down/window has to be called. Once that happens, the Render Pane will allow browsing of renders.

    I'm beginning to think this is a pathing issue, as in Poser, at least my current install, can not retain proper runtime structure for some functions due to... something. Probably, some old reference, somewhere, interfering. Since I can "remind" Poser where things like Light definitions are and where its stored renders are by calling other subroutines that load those references, something somewhere is... funky.

    I'm going to go through and delete my library refs and any other "generated" startup files to see if I can clear up these issues. The install was clean, everything else was clean, AFAIK, configs deleted upon patching and auto-regenerated, and while my runtime is ginormous, I try to run a clean ship there, too.

    I also still have my Poser2014 install. I wouldn't think they'd be conflicting with each other, somewhere, but... Since others don't appear to be having this issue, and it seems like an isolated instance, it's probably something unique like that.

  • Update: FIXED

    Deleting the Poser.ini, Libraryprefs.xml and PoserUI*prefs.xml did not fix the problem. However, when confronted by that, I decided to simply delete anything that appeared to be a config/autogenerated file, including Librarystate.xml (since, maybe, it contained directory structure info), the preferredstate.pz3, which was meaningless if Poser didn't have my runtime loaded, since I used some personal obj/hdri for my preferred state, and my RenderFirefly.cfg, which I figured I'd clear out, just to be sure I was starting from scratch.

    That worked!

    So, either the problem was caused by Librarystate.xml, preferredstate.pz3 file being loaded or my RenderFirefly.cfg file, for some reason. Though, I will say my first test render took an abnormally long time and what was being rendered appeared NOT to be including the selections I had made in the D3D Firefly Render dialogue box. So, I exited, hoping this would reset Poser's brain, and restarted, loaded the same default scene and Poser rendered the choices appropriately.

    Also, just to check, I checked render times against PP2012 for that default scene, same settings, and PP11 rendered it 15 seconds faster. Good to know. (Simple scene, no SS/figure, just a default scene box (Reality's) and three lights and a simple HDRI on BB's Envirosphere.)

    My bet is that, somehow, the RenderFirefly.cfg file got corrupted, likely with the latest Service Release Patch. That caused an issue with the D3D script finding appropriate references for the lighting to give to the Firefly Renderer. Deleting that allowed PP11 to rebuild one without the bad/missing information. Just a hunch. (The preferredstate "could" have effected the issue, since scene files also contain "last render" prefs for a chosen renderer. Launching to that state on every launch would hamper anything done until the default Firefly module got a chance to speak and set things to rights... IMO only.

    PS - Not sure how to edit the thread title to reflect "Fix't" state of this issue. Sorry.

  • I edited the title for you,. Glad you got it working.