Poser - Geometry Creation Using Python/etc

  • I'm wondering why there isn't more done with actual geometry creation from within Poser, either using tools built into Poser itself or using scripts. For instance, I'd like to point to this wonderfully fun little script hosted on Morphography: http://www.morphography.uk.vu/~cagepage/looper/loopy.html

    That thing is fun! And, importantly, it introduces a novel capability for Poser. I have seen object instancing/scaling/etc posing as "geometry creation" and we've seen sub-d scripts and scripts that use primitives and the like, but this script, and a few others like it, create geometry according to inputs by the User.

    Given some new features in Poser and, perhaps, with a little help from some pretty complex scripts, one could probably come up with several sorts of valuable things that could be done, moreso since they can be done right in the scene window, with no need for an external 3D app. No muss, no fuss, point-click-create geometry of... whatever. Actual geometry for dynamic hair, perhaps? :) (Not that I think Poser should try to become a 3D polymodeling application, though I do appreciate everything that could be done to add some of those capabilities to Poser.)

    Any thoughts? Have you run across any scripts that perform similar functions? I'm reminded of the now deceased "drops" script and a chain-maker script that used a stored object which was instanced, but I haven't seen anything blow me away like this particular script.

  • For me, it's the underlying python platform that eventually versions-up, which as a consequence, keeps scripts in a catch-up mode.

  • There used to be a number of Python scripts around generating geometry.
    You may want to check out PhilC's stuff. I do recall there was a bonus additions to the Poser Toolbox. Something with 'make art' which built some kind of gazebo in your scene.
    If it does not work anymore this can be because of Python versions having changed or, more likely, because of file access control in modern versions of Windows. To overcome these try to run Poser as administrator.

  • @F_Verbaas

    Running a program as an admin is rarely advisable.

    You have another option: often, these python scripts need to store parameters.
    And there's a simple solution for this: retrieve the folder in which they are stored (most of the time, it's:
    "C:\Program Files\Smith Micro\Poser 11\Runtime\Python\poserScripts"
    Right-click on that folder and access its properties.
    From the small window that opens, activate the security tab: use this to allow your user the right to modify them.

    For this, you have a button labeled "Advanced" that will lead you to a new window.
    Most of the time, I disable the inheritance of the permission using the dedicated button (I'm using the option to copy/convert the rights)
    Then, I allow my own user to have the total control of this folder
    Last, I check the option to replace the rights on all sub-folders.

    Upon validation, your user will have the total control of all files (python and parameters) stored there and "below".
    The fact to cut the inheritance will allow you to have your own working place without depending on the rest of Poser's folders.

  • @F_Verbaas said in Poser - Geometry Creation Using Python/etc:

    If it does not work anymore this can be because of Python versions having changed ...

    ^--- This. Python changes, Poser-python changes, these things are the bane of many great, but older, python scripts. I have a slew of carefully collected python script "orphans" that no longer have a home in my runtime directory. Some are possibly fixable. Some can not be decompiled and are unfixable. Pity, really. While many features some of these scripts offer have been migrated into Poser, itself, some of the more handy ones mock me several times a session. :)

    Yes, these are all "free" scripts. But, freebies are the lifeblood of Poser!

    Every day, I move closer towards learning Python, just to bork around with Poser and, maybe, fix some older scripts. :)

    On Geometry Generation - But, the main purpose, here, is to ask people about their opinion of possible "geometry generating" capabilities in Poser and if those would be welcomed. I don't mean simple instancing scripts, but dynamic scripts with user-input. With Python, Poser has a host of capabilities, including everything from complex manipulation of figures in the Pose window to actual generation of geometry with a graphical "point and click" interface.

    I think the "value" there is obvious, but it may be that the ideal use for such a thing in order to motivate people to make it happen is elusive. I'm thinking about hair... But, with Poser, I'm always thinking about better hair... If anything is the Forgotten Stepchild of Poser, it's the Hair Room and its capabilities for producing something that looks better than a scared cat perched on someone's head. :)

  • @Y-Phil said in Poser - Geometry Creation Using Python/etc:

    Running a program as an admin is rarely advisable.

    Well that was the advice I got from one of the developers of these scripts, but I agree it is not very satisfactory as a pemanent solution. At least right-click|Run as administrator is a quick way to see whether lack of permissions is the cause of the problem when a script does not function as it did in the past.
    I tried your method of changing permissions but the result was that the process was 'hanging', maybe becasue I was executing it as a normal user giving admin credentials on demand. Guess this was not enough to complete the process.

    @morkonan: Fully agreed. I understood the original Python version Poser worked with did not support interaction. Of course there can be user interaction now because PoserPython was upgraded to work with a version of Python that does support user interactions.

  • @F_Verbaas

    "Hanging"? the fact to apply the settings to the current folder and all its children lasted 1 second on my computer, maybe 2.
    Either you can change the permissions, or you can't. But the response should be immediate.
    I've used this technique with all versions of Poser I've had.
    I wonder if you don't have a parallel process that disturbs.

  • @Y-Phil You are right. My system does do funny things from time to time.

  • @F_Verbaas said in Poser - Geometry Creation Using Python/etc:

    @Y-Phil said in Poser - Geometry Creation Using Python/etc:
    ..At least right-click|Run as administrator is a quick way to see whether lack of permissions is the cause of the problem when a script does not function as it did in the past.

    Just a note: The "Right-Click Run As Administrator" is a run-once command. It might always not give adequate permissions to other programs/subroutines that are called by the Program you just ran, especially if that Program calls other functions that then attempt to access resources outside of the run-once-authorized Program's directory structure. Commonly, this issue is seen with "installation" files that add/create directories or subdirectories outside of the installation program's current folder. But, anything that routinely works outside of its directory structure could have issues with the run-once "Right-Click Run as Admin" command.

    Side-side-note: I'm going to go get an O'Reily Python book in the next few days... And some other "learning Python" refs if I can dig up some nice tutes/guides. I'm tired of being hamstrung by ignorance of Python. (And, time to read up on Poser Python calls, too!)