Material menu wish...

  • Wish: Add an element similar to "body" so that when you change the material property all elements are changed. It could be called "all" for clarity... :-)

  • @tburzio this would have to be on each model individually. It is up to the model maker to choose what material groups there are on a given item. I also don't think you could have two mat zones for the same area on a model which is what you are asking for (various zones and a master zone)

  • Nope, I'm not asking for two at the same time, I'm asking for "when you select this, the software will apply the material to all items in the list, one after the other." Not a change in the way models are created, not a change in the structure. Very similar to a macro, in fact, it could be a macro, but without access to the mouse click you can't do it, which is why I would like it directly on the menu... :-)

  • @tburzio OK, sound like something that could be done with a Python script.

  • @tburzio

    Are you speaking of something similar to what we found in the mat room: "select all + rich-click -> apply to all"?

  • Please wait, long image cooking. Of course, allowing the interface to continue while an image is cooking is another wish list item... :-)

  • Here's what would be ideal, up front, no hunting. Of course, it very well may run a script behind the scenes, but...0_1474225368780_menu.jpg

  • Just today I was trying out a material on a piece of dynamic clothing that had 8 mat zones, and yes, I'd like something like that as well.

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    I build my own content with that "by default".

    On my figure, the "outer skin" is all on a single 8.192x8.192 map.

    I also changed Pauline, Paul, Rex and Roxie to work as "single zone" figures (maintaining the current maps and material zones. It is not all that hard to do on these figures.
    => I went with a 16.394x4.096 map for those.

    But; I am way behind with my tutorial series. (Hand injury)

  • It's intriguing, but still a work-around. Certainly purchased content won't work like this. I don't think adding a

    for i=0;Menu(length);i++ { do (Menu(i));}

    is all that hard... :-)

  • @Y-Phil accurately notes the presence of the 'Apply to All' option in both the pop-up menu in the upper right corner of the material pane, and when right-clicking in the material pane itself.
    Be sure you've got all the shader nodes you want to use selected, right-click in the 'blank' area and choose 'Apply to All' and you're golden.

  • @cgerbode Nope, this is isn't desirable as I never ever get down to this level since I do not create content. Yes, it does work but I still hope that some day assigning materials will be user friendly. The Poser folk say they want to redesign the user interface, so the hope continues.. Thanks!