Missing face room

  • @Y-Phil :DD
    (what a shame though... hoped it would have solved for everyone!)

  • @erwin_sc

    Oh don't worry... ;-)
    In fact, I had to re-download the executable, but I had to search it because the download manager didn't wanted to launch it, waiting for... I don't know... maybe for one of Santa's super-sexy elves to come in my living room...

    Most of the time, I don't like those download managers, whatever the company ^__^

  • Definitely:
    "download a software to download another software (and with loads of other crapware)"
    --- what?! :D

    Though I'm starting to appreciate Smith Micro's one,
    with a single buttonpress the face room was back :)

    Your installation must have to be more messed than mine! :DD